Portable Milk Design Power Bank for Mobile Phone

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* high capacity, small size, very cheap price
* excellent quality
* feasible for lots of electric products
* mini, portable, emergency, travel
* elegant appearance for power bank

Battery cell: Lithium Battery
Color: black, red, pink  or other customized colors

Portable Milk Design Power Bank for Mobile PhonePortable Milk Design Power Bank for Mobile PhonePortable Milk Design Power Bank for Mobile Phone

Lead time 2-3 days after payment received, OEM order depend on qty.
Shipping DHL, Fedex, EMS, UPS, China Post, HK Post.
Payment Accept Paypal, TT, Western Union,LC etc.
Warranty All products with 3 month warranty
Our warranty does not extended to any products that are physically damaged
Return policy We accept return in 7 days if there is any quality problem (proof or photos need)

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