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Product Description

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Brand New and High Quality. Stylish, Compact, Portable & Fashionable Design.
High Capacity and USe Conveniently and Easily. LED Indicator Lights Display the Capacity Left.
USB Output Ports. Suitable for charging iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mobile Phones, etc.
Overcharging Protection, Overloading Protection, and short circuit protection.
8 Connectors for iPad, iPhone, iPod, GPS, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, etc.

Kana OEM power bank use "A" class quality brand new polymer battery battery, Overcharging Protection, Overloading Protection, and short circuit protection. This model can charge your iPhone for 2 times after it's fully charged

* Capacity: 6000mAh
* Input: 5V/1A
* Input: 5V/21.A
* Output: 5V/1A
* Lifespan: ≥
500 times
* Dimension:7*5.3*2
* Weight: 130G
* Color: White/Black/Pink/Blue/Purple
* Working temperature: -20 to 45° C
* Storage temperature: -40 to 85° C

Standard Accessories for Power Bank:
Micro USB Cable
Apple charger tip

Optional accessories:
1 X DC 3.5 Switch Cable
1 X Micro USB
1 X Mini USB
1 X Adapter for iPhone
1 X Adapter for Nokia DC 2.0,
1 X Adapter for Samsung,
1 X Adapter for Sony Ericsson
1 X Adapter for LG,
1 X Adapter for PSP.

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