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Power Bank Power Supply with Cool

Power Bank Power Supply with Cool

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Product Description

Technical Details:
Brand New and High Quality. Stylish, Compact, Portable & Fashionable Design.
High Capacity and USe Conveniently and Easily. LED Indicator Lights Display the Capacity Left.
USB Output Ports. Suitable for charging iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mobile Phones, etc.
Overcharging Protection, Overloading Protection, and short circuit protection.
8 Connectors for iPad, iPhone, iPod, GPS, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Nokia, etc.

Kana OEM power bank use "A" class quality brand new polymer battery battery, Overcharging Protection, Overloading Protection, and short circuit protection. This model can charge your iPhone for 2 times after it's fully charged

* Capacity: 6000mAh
* Input: 5V/1A
* Input: 5V/21.A
* Output: 5V/1A
* Lifespan: ≥
500 times
* Dimension:7*5.3*2
* Weight: 130G
* Color: White/Black/Pink/Blue/Purple
* Working temperature: -20 to 45° C
* Storage temperature: -40 to 85° C

Standard Accessories for Power Bank:
Micro USB Cable
Apple charger tip

Optional accessories:
1 X DC 3.5 Switch Cable
1 X Micro USB
1 X Mini USB
1 X Adapter for iPhone
1 X Adapter for Nokia DC 2.0,
1 X Adapter for Samsung,
1 X Adapter for Sony Ericsson
1 X Adapter for LG,
1 X Adapter for PSP.

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it seems as if you may have a power supply problem to your ecu(low voltage term 30) check voltage at terminal 3 at ecu(1mm red wire) should be battery voltage bank 1 is your lambda probe, could be unmetered air in induction system
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Q:0.65HP LG Aircon model LA060R power input535 watt5 solar panel each connected in parallel 18v/8A is this enough?charge controller of 30Amps8 hours of daylight at 18v/40Ah 8 pcs 100Ah battery bank 800Ahwhat should be my minimum power inverter rating (watts)do i need a modified sinewave or pure sinewave power inverteris the system enough to power the aircon1. solar system charging the battery and running the aircon in 7hrs2. using battery and inverter in 8hrs3. will the battery be charged enough.
Many okorder
Q:Hey, I'm doing a physics exam tomorrow on the National Grid and one of the possible questions is why did Charles Merz put the first major power station (the Neptune Bank power) near Newcastle Upon Tyne?
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Q:I need about a 700watt power supply that won't break the bank. I need it to be reliable and for it to last. It is for gaming.and the total watts is about 625.
Corsair, okorder
Q:I am looking at buying two Power Acoustik P3's, but still am weary about what kind of amp I need to power them. Each sub is 12, with 1300watts RMS 1600watts peak. Most Class D amps I have seen are rated at 4ohm, 2 ohm, and 1 ohm stable. These speakers run at 2ohms. On amps I am looking at run at 900watts RMS x1 channel. So if I am running 2 speakers, is this cut in half? So for instance instead of the amp running 900watts RMS, it would be running 450watts RMS to each speaker. To me, that's pretty underpowered. I'm not trying to break the bank on this, both speakers are gonna cost me $200, an enclosure probably 60-80.
I can't help you on the quality of the speakers. But if you put in speakers that can not handle all the power the amp can put out be care full not to turn the radio up all the way. just because the amp is rated at that power rating it is only putting that out at full power or before distortion ruins the sound quality reproduction of the speakers. do no thry to put a potenetionmeter (variable resistor) in series with the speakers, you'll change the resistance and mess up the balance of the resistance of the circuit.
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