Portable Power BANK-PB102

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103000 pc/month

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Place of Origin
China (Mainland)
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Shell material:
Aluminium Alloy


1.The overcharge protection function

2. Small size

3. Best qulity battery

4. Capacity 1800 mA& above available

5. Customized Logo,Packing


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Q:I am buying house from bank Water and power turned off What do I do?
Make a conditional offer, that is, If the above mentioned items are not in good working order, adjustments will be made to the purchase price or the deal is off.
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The higher power want to you send me a 1000 Dollar bank check.
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Do you need a copy or the original? The POA you refer to is probably limited to the account at that bank, but I can't be sure. Anyway, they may have one on file that they would be willing to copy for you, give them a call. Otherwise, you will need to get a new one.
Q:Is it ok to use this charger?
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Q:Christianity and Blood Cord banking?
Do you ever use medication?? Or do you just trust God will heal you with any medical intervention? Do you not believe that God allows the advance in medicine so more people can be helped? I do not see a conflict here, however, I am not convinced about all the hype around cord blood. I know everything breakdown overtime, so how can the blood survive 10-20 or even more years?
Q:What are the specs of my 4400mAh battery?
You can ask production mobile power industry related staff will give you answer, they should be more understanding of it Aroccom also do this
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