GV-11D Android TV Box 4.2 Dual Core 1GB 4GB HDMI WIFI 2.0MP Camera Microphone Red

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Product Description:GV-11D Android TV Box 4.2 Dual Core 1GB 4GB HDMI WIFI 2.0MP Camera Microphone Red AllWinner Boxchip A20 dual core Cortex A7 + Mali-400MP2 GPU
System Memory-1 GB RAM DDR3
Storage-4G Nand Flash + SD card slot
Support 1080P Full HD video decoding, support most video formats
Support massive application/game installation, import APK files from SD card and Android market
Support music player, picture viewer, game player and more family entertainment
Built-in WIFI, WIFI: 802.11 b/g/n
Google Play store pre-installed
Webcam: Skype, QQ will help you to make a video call with your friends and family on your big size TV
Hardware decoder on Flash player(Flash 11.1)
Support Samba,Netflix,Youtube,DLNA,AirPlay
Support USB mouse and keyboard operation and 2.4G QWERT Remote, also turn your smart phone into the ultimate remote control
Video : 1080P video playback, AVI, MOV,TS,M2TS,RM/RMVB, MKV, FLV, WMV, 3GP
Photo : Jpg(Baseline).BMP.GIF(Static).PNG
E-book : PDF/Epub/TXT/FB2/PDB/RTF (Android device can download various media players and codec's for supported format options)
AV Out
USB Host
What`s in the package
1 x TV box
1 x HDMI cable
1 x Power adaptor
1 x IR remote
1 x AV cable
1 x User manual

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Q:What is the console role of the BOSE T20 home theater?
The Bose T20, Lifestyle, and the home theater system allow extreme play in movies, games and sports programs. Now, system settings and source connections have never been easier. Bose unique Unify intelligent system integration technology, through the screen message indicating, allowing you to easily follow the entire set of procedures, it will be on the right connection is determined, without all the suspicion. The system can connect up to 6 HD video sources, such as Blu ray disc players, cable box and game systems, and control the whole system with a remote control.Lifestyle T20 system through Unify intelligent integration technology has brought about a breakthrough. This patented technology gives you a clear idea of each set step.
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Now you just have a sound system, DVD cannot play the film, more impossible to restore the D effect, now you need to add the D signal source (player) and D play with image reduction equipment (D TV or projector equipment), as well as D glasses. Let's talk about the image equipment first. 1:D TV is a generation of dielectric is not too high, but in actual use, because the screen is not big enough to watch movies when the visual impact is limited, especially play D movies, D glasses, images can not be full of view, eyes will see the screen on both sides of outside environment, stereo sense is greatly reduced. Of course, the TV also has a lot of advantages, energy saving, long life, multiple purposes, simple operation, high brightness, the program compatibility, D projector, overall, than D TV is expensive, the effect is a little passable in more than 1W, but watching the film to highlight the advantages: the screen is large enough (according to TV wall size of your home by 1: how to do), strong visual impact, D glasses can obtain more realistic three-dimensional effect of the scene.
Q:How do you control home theater systems in general?
Some speakers brand production chamber of Commerce to provide the appropriate APP procedures, and some are through the smart control panel to control, this depends on the specific circumstances
Q:Introduction to the audio system of the home theater sound system
Generally speaking, a home theater needs 3 parts: a signal source, a power amplifier and a terminal.
Q:Home theater configuration program
From the face of thousands of yuan a set to Jiwanjishiwanyi sets of numerous brands and types, most people feel confused in reason, who wants to buy the most cost-effective equipment, spend the least money to do most things, but what kind of a set of equipment to be cost-effective? The so-called cost performance means budget as little as possible and relatively good sound effects, but relative rather than absolute. You want to configure a similar sound system, must first determine what is a home theater audio equipment configuration not only can reach the bottom line, the bottom line and the budget to spend a minimum of configuration can be called "more cost-effective" configuration. Here comes the configuration of bottom line, for ordinary families to choose, from the actual situation, we are close neighbors, colleagues, relatives and friends can refer to choose a home theater system in preparation, is the difference between the professional standard in THX.
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Home theater equipment is divided into two parts video and audio. The video part is a very important part of the whole system. It is usually held by a large screen color TV or a projector. As the terminal of the home theater, the minimum standard of display equipment must be a color TV of more than 29 inches. The quality of the color TV itself needs not be demanding, but it is best to have a variety of circuits that can improve the picture quality. If the room and economic conditions permit, it is best to select high-quality front projectors (outside) plus on-line letter multiplier, which can greatly improve the visual area and clarity of the picture.
Q:Want to buy a good family cinema, "Japanese pioneer" and "Danish crown" which brand is good? Ask for detailed explanation
Japanese pioneer (Pioneer) founder Mr. Matsumoto Mochi in 1936 to make the speaker entrepreneurship since 74 years, the Japanese pioneer Corporation is one of the most authoritative global brand entertainment products in the field of the world's top 500 enterprises; 74 years for the world to promote high performance products, created a lot of audio-visual miracle. Audio and video products including DVD video recorder, DVD player, BD player, DJ tuning system, integrated home theater, home theater, split type power amplifier, speakers, headset, car audio and video products are AV system, CD player, speaker system, auto audio system, AV integrated DVD vehicle navigation products GPS navigation, and the world the most advanced plasma tv. Become today's electronic video giant, products and the world. Britain's "Rolls-Royce", West Germany's "BMW", the United States "GM" and other world-class car manufacturers designated equipment pioneer car audio and video system. The most important part of the pioneer's glorious history is the active spirit of innovation!The Danish crown (AVANCE) was founded in 1973 by Poul Rossing (Paul Le Sheng) in Kingdom of Denmark's coastal city of Holbeak, and in the short span of a few years, it has developed into a world-famous Hi-Fi brand. Denmark crown is mainly audio box development. Production; horn units are used by the Danish HI-FI speaker factory (Scan-speak, Dynaudio) for AVANCE custom-made. The design style of comfortable, rich flavor is known, it will design and function design integration, form a balanced and coordinated unification, with excellent, excellent production technology, represents the design grade of Denmark; development of concrete speakers not only success, laid the historical position of AVANCE in the field of HI-FI sound, at the same time the AVANCE from a Danish local brand has become the world's famous brand.The above is a brief history of the two brands
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HD digital playback system, we call home video playback system. Including video and audio.Video sources including (NAS, network, TV, computer, hard disk, U disk); playback device (network player, HD player, web player, DVD, set-top boxes, etc.); display devices (TV, monitors and projectors).Audio includes audio sources (ibid.); playback devices (ditto, preferably lossless Music); power amplifiers; pure music speakers (left and right channels); home theater speakers (5.1 or more).
Q:What about the Jamo S 526 HCS home theater system?
Domestic goods, quality hair, after sale problems, buy Hivi!
Q:Home theater or headphones? Please recommend
Do not buy plasma, with projectors, more than 4000 can put 100~300 inch, you can also see 1080P blockbuster, that is the "cool" to "explosion"! However, you can't get a good result at home 3D, regardless of whether you buy plasma, liquid crystals, or projections. And you have to configure the stereo, power amplifier, the budget is far off. Buy a headset well, AKG, Sennheiser, iron triangle, Gerd, innovation, PHILPS has a good headset, your request is not too high, you can also meet the saunterer estimation. It's better to audition at the mall, regardless of the model. You feel great and take it away.
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Eastern and Western Europe, North America, South America and the Middle East.
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