Multiviewer DTV-Hardware Multi-screen Monitoring Processor

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Multiviewer  DTV-Hardware Multi-screen Monitoring Processor

Multi-screen Monitoring Processor (xView 5000) is a high-performance product for subjective monitoring, developed by Sumavision. Supporting a number of encoding formats including MPEG-2, H.264 and so on, it receives SPTS or MPTS through Gigabit IP, be able to cope with HD and SD decoding simultaneously. With high integration, it can display multiple screens simultaneously, applied widely in various places including digital television monitoring room, radio, TV monitoring center and so on.

• High Integration. With four screens DVI/HDMI outputs and 8*8 split-screen mode for each screen, one equipment can support up to 150 programs simultaneously displaying on the split screens, effectively reducing large cost of deployment.

• One equipment supports 150 MPEG-2 SD /36 MPEG-2 HD, 110 H.264 SD/20 H.264 HD programs.
• Supporting HD/SD simulcast rate detection
• Supporting station caption detection
• Supporting HD/SD adaptive decoding, be able to display HD/SD simultaneously
• Supporting a various audio formats including MP2, MP3, AC3, AAC and so on
• Supporting video images combined freely and screen video images configured respectively
• Supporting decoded video image and left & right audio track sound post displaying simultaneously
• Supporting display interfaces configured freely, including the background picture nested, independent scrolling titles, display picture, clock and so on
• Supporting program carousel and polling
• Supporting the automatic detection of abnormal phenomenon including static frame, black field, video lost, too high/low volume and so on
• Supporting both the screen superposition and the scroll display of received alarm information
• Integrated and administrated by graphical network manager, support SNMP V3 protocol through which both the exception information and the recovery information can be sent to integrated management system
• Support dual power redundancy.

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Q:What is a set-top box OTT?
OTT set-top box analysis:OTT TV is the abbreviation of "Over The Top TV", which refers to the video service based on open Internet. The terminal can be a TV set, a computer, a set-top box, a PAD, a smart phone, and so on. Refers to the provision of services over the network, emphasizing the independence of the service and the physical network. The content of video programs transmitted via the Internet, such as PPS and UUSEE, is transmitted to the display screen (including television). From the consumer's point of view, OTT TV is the Internet TV, to meet consumer demand, the integration of interactive TV features full-featured Internet tv. OTT TV (Over-The-Top TV), that is, the Internet TV service in Over-The-Top mode. Such as the Apple, TV and Google TV introduced in the market in 2010, is this mode. Internationally, OTT TV refers to the convergence of IP video and Internet applications via the public Internet for television transmission. The receiving terminal is an Internet TV integrated machine or a set-top box + a television set. In our country, OTT TV refers to the controllable and manageable services provided by the public broadcasting and television organizations through the public Internet for television transmission. Generally, the receiving terminal is a domestic Internet TV set.OTT TV refers to the convergence of IP video and Internet applications via the public Internet for television transmission, and its receiving terminal is an Internet TV set or set-top box + tv.
Q:How can I adjust the output of set-top boxes to 16:9?
Menu in and after the settings in the two menu into the video settings, modify it.
Q:What happens when the TV set-top box is installed and no signal is shown on TV?
The video cable is not plugged in, the Yellow video output set-top box behind the mouth, red and white audio output plug AV cable, connected to the corresponding interface on your tv.
Q:One machine connected digital set-top boxes?
You can connect the network set-top box with an integrated function, because you have the HDMI interface, you can directly connect the network set-top box to the computer monitor with the HDMI line:1. Prepare a HDMI line, one end into the HDMI output interface of the set-top box, and the other end into the HDMI input interface of the display.2, open the network set-top box and display, the monitor will show the network set-top box screen.3, and then use the set-top box remote control operation, find the system settings, press the confirmation key to enter.4, after entering, find the wireless network settings, press the confirmation key to enter.5, after entering, open the wireless network connection, search nearby WiFi signal, find the WiFi signal issued by the home router, click on the connection, enter the WiFi password to establish the connection.6, after the success of the network, users can request set-top box system with their own online movies or TV shows and other network TV programs to watch.
Q:How to use the network set-top box can be installed tejet watch live TV
The usage of network set top box:1, use the network to watch live broadcast;2, use the Internet to watch high-definition network video;The network set-top box can watch live TV, video broadcast software can be installed to the Czech Republic and thailand.To millet box example, other box method similar, method:1, buy boxes, boxes, cable connections;2, Thai express video download "APK format file (Android version), attached to the box;
Q:What does the color of the set-top box TV connection mean?
(two) surf the Internet quicklyNow you just need to take the wireless keyboard, sitting comfortably in the sofa (with the set-top box to be separated by 5 meters), ready to start the journey of the world tour network. First, dial the Internet - remote control, a key to the internet. Use your hands specifically set up network function of the wireless keyboard button, "Lenovo FM", "electronic mail", "search" and "online service", with just one click, you can directly enter the user needs the level of network users and the network close at hand. Did you hear the crisp sound? Congratulations you have entered the fascinating Internet (Internet)! On the keyboard, press the number key to enter the Internet channel, according to the channel number, you can achieve the choice of content, so that users like remote control TV as easy and comfortable access to the Internet, browse, send and receive e-mail.Three, Cable Modem installation guide(1) hardware installation1. basic accessoriesCable Modem (a), (a) transformer and a power plug (a), Hub (a), Ethernet 10BASE-T (a card, preferably PCI) and a disk drive, 2 meters (Coaxial Cable two, BNC has made joint) and 8 meters (a Ethernet UTP Cable ready, RJ45 connector), UTP Cable (two to Ethernet in length, ready RJ45 connector).2. install the network cardIf you do not have an instruction manual for your network card, you can refer to the installation steps here.(1) turn off the computer power and turn on the main computer cover.(2) the network card is installed on the empty slot (PCI).(3) close the lid and turn on the computer.(4) after entering Windows, the system prompts you to find the new hardware, and you can install the driver of the network card. To see if the installation is successful, you can go to the "network" in the "control panel" to see if there is "XXX Ethernet"". If yes, it means that your Network Card installation has been successful.
Q:Can Telecom set-top boxes be viewed wirelessly?
Yes, recommend to your TV or TV box to install a tangbe application market, and then to the application when the shellfish inside the market to download and install (film fast search, TV, micro broadcast, television cat, watch live HD card!)Install the beta application market tutorial:First, Baidu [beta application market] download when the beta application market.
Q:When the refrigerator starts to finish, the signal of the set-top box will be broken,
This is called surge in the professional, is spread with the power line, you can not solve the problem with any package.From another point of view, the quality of this set-top box is not good!It is not the solution, there is the above said socket, with a filter or regulator, UPS, and so can you, or directly from the point of the knife cloth thick line to try, but I feel a little effect.In fact, if you understand the point, this solution is more simple, directly disassemble the set-top box, from the 5 volt power out of the position to it, and a larger than 4700 micro method of capacitance on it.
Q:Why is there no signal after the TV set-top box is switched on?
After the set-top box is installed, the TV shows no signal, because the connection is not correct or the TV is not switched to the corresponding signal source mode.It is recommended that you reconnect and set up in the following ways:1. The digital TV signal line is inserted into the signal input interface of the digital TV set top box. If there is a smart card, the smart card is inserted into the slot of the set-top box;2, the use of AV cable, AV interface plug into TV, AV interface, the other end is inserted into the digital TV set-top box, plug and pay attention to correspond to the color of the interface;3, press the TV/AV button of the remote control, and switch the TV signal source to AV mode to display the picture of the set-top box, indicating that the TV set and the set-top box have been successfully connected;4, then you can use the set-top box remote control operation, the implementation of automatic search table, after the search station is completed, you can begin to watch digital TV programs.
Q:Konka LCD TV set-top boxes after setting how to set up watching TV?
Konka LCD TV connected set-top boxes, set the steps to watch TV as follows:The power to open the TV and set-top box, and then press the TV remote control signal source, the TV screen will display "1 video" and "Video 2", "HDMI1", "HDMI2", "TV", "VGA", "DVD", and select the set-top box output video source. You can watch tv.

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