CHINA CC8800 E2-CMTS Series for HFC Network

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Sumavision E²-CMTS product series are high performance and low cost edge broadband access devices for HFC network. CC8800 series E²-CMTS has as outdoors type design, conforms with the DOCSIS 3.0 / DOCSIS 2.0, and Supports maximum of 500 cable modems. As a DOCSIS 3.0 compatible product, CC8800 owns excellent features.


Compared with traditional CMTS, CC8800 is able to offer higher access ability with lower price, which can reduce the room space occupation, simplifying the cabling system,

compatible with the original CM and provisioning system, safeguard operator for investment. Meanwhile, CC8800 supports for CLI, standalone Web network management system, graphical EMS. It can effectively reduce training costs, enhance the efficiency of maintenance.


l DOCSIS 3.0 compliant: Euro DOCSIS/DOCSIS 3.0 and C-DOCSIS compatible QAM, channel bonding and QoS.
l Optional integrated ONU: support 1G ONU module and 10G ONU module.Support upgrade to 10G PON interface.
l High channel density: up to 16 channels binding yields for downstream direction, up to 4 channels binding for upstream direction.
l QoS: the QoS specifications are based on DOCSIS MIBs strictly, that offers a powerful QAM capability.
l DBA: dynamic bandwidth allocation archived according to channel utilization.
l CM: More than 200 DOCSIS 2.0 & 3.0 Cable Modems are accessible for broadband service.
l Compact and high performance design: this space saving device can be simply installed in various CATV fiber node.
l Extended frequency range: Downlink frequency range up to 1GHz .
l Broad temperature range: Industrial-class design with an extend temperature range from -40 to 55 ℃
l Support single optical receiver or dual-optical receiver integration


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Q:How do wireless network TV set-top boxes connect to the TV?
1, if it is to buy at the mall are connected by a network, wireless network set-top boxes and cable network set-top box, as long as there is a set-top box network directly connected to TV on the line with the AV cable or line HD set-top box with a wireless network, and wireless router use,
Q:Seeking spiritual cloud V8 network set-top box update brush package RoM
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Q:Samsung LCD TV plug in network set-top boxes, the image is why black and white?
The brand's new LCD TV has an HDMI input interface, a component input interface, and a video (also known as AV) input interface.If the set-top box has only the indicated component (rather than AV) output interface, and only three sockets, is a very unusual design. It is recommended to read the instructions carefully. Guess one of the three general Video Jack composite video Jack (RGB) function, according to the truth of the set-top box should be connected with one end of the line is a single line, plug, should be inserted into the set-top box video output jack, the other end of the line is red and green and blue are respectively inserted into the plug to the TV video component input ports of the same color. The other two output ports of the set-top box should be the audio output port, which is connected to the audio input of the TV using the red and white plugs.But the more likely scenario is: the set-top box is a standard definition set-top box, the output port (red, yellow and white color) should be connected with red and yellow white color line plug, AV input interface is inserted into a set, and not connected to the input interface component.It is recommended that you carefully observe the output interface of the set-top box and it is likely that there will be a HDMI socket. If it does, this set-top box is a high-definition set-top box. At this time, as long as a single HDMI cable connected set-top boxes and television, high-definition video and audio transmission signal can be.
Q:Can digital TV set-top boxes connect the computer screen to screen display?
3, and then use the set-top box remote control operation, find the system settings, press the confirmation key to enter.4, after entering, find the wireless network settings, press the confirmation key to enter.5, after entering, open the wireless network connection, search nearby WiFi signal, find the WiFi signal issued by the home router, click on the connection, enter the WiFi password to establish the connection.6, after the success of the network, users can request set-top box system with their own online movies or TV shows and other network TV programs to watch.
Q:HUAWEI TV set-top boxes how Youku does not work?
In October, a radio and television regulations, the network TV, television client is not allowed
Q:How to use the network set-top box can be installed tejet watch live TV
If the system is Android can, you can go to the next line can be installed on the APK tejet. But now many of them are directly built in the Czech Republic and Thailand, super nuclear SONE is such.
Q:TV set top box
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Q:What does set-top box mean?
2, digital set-top box functionsThe basic function of digital set top box is to receive digital television broadcast program, and has the function of broadcast and interactive multimedia application, such as:Electronic program guide (EPG). To provide users with a friendly interface, easy to use, quick access to the show in a way that the user can see one or more channels and all channels will broadcast TV programs through the function;High-speed data broadcasting. Can provide users with the stock market, ticketing information, electronic newspapers, hot websites and other news;Software online upgrade. Software online upgrade can be regarded as one of the applications of data broadcasting. According to the data broadcasting server DVB data broadcast standard will upgrade the software radio, the set-top box can identify the version of the software, the version is not received at the same time the software, and saved in the memory of the software update;Internet access and e-mail. The digital set top box can conveniently realize the Internet access function through the built-in cable modem. Users can send e-mail via the set-top box built-in browser. At the same time, set-top boxes also provide a variety of interfaces, connected to the PC, using PC and Internet connection;Conditional acceptance. The core of conditional access is scrambling and encryption, and digital set-top boxes should have descrambling and decryption functions.
Q:Where is the smart card number of the set-top box?
Smart Card: a generic name for a plastic card (usually the size of a credit card) embedded in microchips. Some smart cards contain a microelectronic chip, and the smart card requires data interaction through the reader.
Q:ZTE intelligent set-top boxes b860a system space shortage how to do?
ZTE network set-top box system settings password is generally 4, 0 or 4 9. Password function: 1, you can unlock the password after entering the password, you can check the initial password manual (not corrected). 2, according to the set-top box remote control on the "menu", enter the system settings, find "set password", there is an option "program lock", the program lock to "not enabled" can be. 3, according to the remote set-top box on the "menu", enter the system settings, find the restore factory settings, OK to restore factory settings, and then prompted to search the program, click OK, and then search after the show can normally watch TV.

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