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I have a pontiac Grand Prix GTP, its 2000 the under hood is clean but not clean enouch, Should i just go to a car wash and use pressure water on the engine components? how does one clean these wiers and stuff the dust seems to be every where, are there any pros who do it for you? is yes how much taht cost?Pls helpThank you
If it's just dust and dirt use the pressure washer at the car wash, if it's grease/oil get some engine cleaner (gel type is usually better) and follow the directions. Take a can of WD-40 with you in case water gets in an electrical connector. You can get your engine bay professionally detailed cost varies so call any detail shops in your area.
Convergence is at its proper crossed white lines.Convergence resistors and pico fuses maybe?Any help would be appreciated.Thanks
If it had bad fuses the cross would be misaligned. If you move the red and blue up and down and the whole picture moves (the red and blue part) then I suspect a vertical deflection problem. This could be the output ic, the jungle ic, or associated component and connections. The only way to find out is with an 0-scope in a shop.
i think its a fuse.? some guy told me that he was going to rear end me cause of it. recently i had a stereo put in that could have messed with the wiring. i also had an accident and my car was in the repair shop. . . ? what should i do should i take it to a dealership and they can check it or is it a simple fuse? i have a toyota camry 2006 with power windows.
95% of the time its a fuse or the light bulb burned out, just like at home. id investigate that since they're both a couple dollars to fix together compared to what a dealer would charge. chances are the kid working at autozone would even fix it for you. if that doesn't work id take it to the dealer because it could be some weird wiring issue. while its unlikely it could happen.
I have a Windows XP Media Center Edition 2006 Gateway Desktop the problem is I was unplugging and plugging back in when i heard a pop. Now power wont come on did i maybe blow a fuse or the cord and if i did pop fuse is this something i can fix?
Could be the psu fuse that pop if you have another psu swap it out with the one that is in the pc or plug the pc into another outlet
I needs to locate it in order to change the fuse to work the heated seats and i am having a hard time locating it. I have read the user manual by the way and its very unclear to where it actually is!
I have already checked the fuse and it is fine. If I bought some freon would that maybe get my air back on? If not, any ideas on what else could be be the problem?
Fan motor could be effected by a fruse/relay. If you have this working but still no cold air then you need to recharge your system.
Can all the components plug in to 1 output( 6V DC)? Will the current drop? What is the best way to distribute in order to maintain no current drop.
If the loads aren't fused, they should be. The easiest and cleanest way to connect this many loads to one voltage supply is to use a fuse block. The link below shows one variety. I don't know if you can find a fuse block that holds 20 fuses but you could use two fuse blocks with 10 fuses. I've done this many times. It's much neater and easier to work with than a bunch of wires going to one connection.
I have checked the voltage at the disconnect and the breaker. They are fine. I have checked the display connection and that is okay. Where do I go from there? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
I have a beachcomber tub and it has System fuses if one of them are blown my panel will go deadhave you tried sundance service ?