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I changed all the bad fuses, then I changed the switch, then I tested the motor by hooking up a 12V battery pack, and it worked just fine up and down. What else could be the problem and how do I test it?Also, the window and the door lock mechanisms don't work on the passenger front door, even from the master control on the drivers side door.
Take a test light hit the switch up and check one of the pins to light up, hit it a couple of times, then go down you might have to switch to another pin. If it doesn't work your not getting power your fuses are good, you say the switches are good so in that case you have a broken wire somewhere usually where the door harness closes and opens also a faulty switch on the actual door can make it so the master switch doesn't work on that door either. but it sounds like you need to trace wires for a break somewhere.
I need to know so I can replace it without screwing anything up. I read that in some of the newer cars the radios are connected to the headlights, heater etc. your help will be greatly appreciated.
Where on earth did you read that?
I have a 2000 Chevy Cavalier 2.2L Automatic. Tried starting it and nothing works. What DOES WORK are the headlights, horn, door chime, brake lights, tail lights, hazards, and the interior lights. No idiot lights, radio, heater/fan, and doesn't turn over. Battery is charged. I also put a screw driver to the posts of the starter and it sparked, so juice is going to the starter. I know that it is something electrical. What puzzles me is that not even a idiot light comes on, even when I turn on the headlights, the dash lights turns on as well and that didn't come on. Does anyone know what I should look for or check? Has anyone heard of a Relay that goes bad where GM had a recall once? No answer is a stupid answer unless you tell me to check my antifreeze. Thanks!
The ignition switch feeds power to your starter and your instrument cluster ( which is all your idiot lights). I would check for power at the ignition switch located on the steering column behind the ignition key tumbler. You should have power going into the switch at the red wire and power going out when the key is turned to the start or run position on yellow wire. Check the wires with either a DVOM or a power probe. I suspect you have a bad ignition switch. It is a 10 pin connector at the switch the Red and dark blue are battery wires so there is always power at those two. it should have power at the others when the key is turned on and to the yellow at the start position that goes to the starter.
Hi my first visitI have been having problems with battery drains lately. Overnight the voltage of my car battery drops from 12.4 to 11.8 and if I leave it more than 3 days it will not start (11.5 to 11.2). On idle and load it is near 14.2. So I feel alternator is charging well.I am about to start pulling fuses to locate drain but was wondering if an alternator that is starting to die (but will still charge) can cause battery drain. Can the diodes in alternators draw current from the battery?Thanks
full charged battery's are 12.4- and up not 13.8 only, that guy sounds like a rude know it all. and yes it can, there are allot of thing inside the alternator that can go bad and drain the battery. if you want to do it the easy way get it tested at an auto parts store, they can tell you. if you would rather do it your self, use to volt meter and pulling fuses, but I suggest putting it on the amps setting and use and use the ground post and terminal. because if you accidentally ground out the positive side you could blow fuses, cause shorts, other kinds of damage, or get shocked. but of you ground the ground. well you'r grounding a ground and nothing happens lol. and don't let people tell you that you have to go to collage to change it or rebuild it. if you look the info up and just put you'r head into it there is no reason you can't do it or at least try. people that tell you that are just smart mouths and the world is full of them. my brother didn't go to school to weld and he is the best welder in this town and my uncle is a very respected mechanic and he didn't go to school for that either. I'm the first man to go the collage in my family and i still have to ask the older people around for advice allot. all school is, is a way to get a peace of paper, take it from me, there was some people in my class that would do more damage then they fixed. and they graduated too. anyways Hope you get it fixed.
Hi I have a LG motion from Metro PCS. A fuse popped when I had my phone plugged into the charger. It seems to be loading slower, but still turns on. Is their a sure fire way to tell if their has been any electrical damage? thanks.
Damage from a blown fuse would make the phone not work at all - phones are computers, and when a part in a computer gets burned out, it just kills the whole thing (or a whole major component, like the screen, or sound, etc.). The fact that it's slower is just coincidence, and may only be you imagining things because you're worried.
I have 2 12inch subs in a ported box in my trunk facing back would the bass be any better if i turned them facing front or does it matter ? The bass in the car is massive but out side not to much except you can hear the trunk rattle i want more bass to the front not the back. i want to rattle the car in front of me not the behind me .On a different matter what makes the subs hum when the amp is on and the car is running the amp kit is new the amp is a dual 600 watt 4 channel amp and it is bridged 8 gauge power and 8 gauge ground in line fuse twisted component wires(RCA Cables) and nothing touching or any open wires
NO, turning the subs around will not produce a better sound(vibration) unless the subs front wall is completely cealed off from the trunk which means you would have to have a custom box. but in most cases like yours it will actually reduce the sound. the trunk is basically a expansion area.bass extension comes from space within the trunk. the trunks surface area resonates the subs movement and redirects it into the cabinet. that's why you lose sound pressure when you open the trunk. this fundamental is quite complex actually and requires tuning of the box and subwoofer. a good way to increase sound pressure and extend the subs motion into the cabinet is by making a port into the cabinet for example letting a seat down or if you have a armrest that has a trunk opening area, that can be used as a port to allow the sub woofer to resonate the area within the cabinet but this can also allow more subwoofer distortion to be heard aswell. it requires alot a padding and dampening material to reduce the amount of sounds leakage and rattle distortion. you have an improper amp for sub woofers is probably the reason why you might not feel proper lows. the humming sound can be from a variety of reasons. but the sound itself is distortion from either improper filtering, or a lack of energy to the amp, if you have the gains set high on the amp you are over the distortion limit and are probably under powering the amp to produce a proper wattage and normal levels. OR you are getting distortion from your head unit, which is not uncommon. what type of subwoofer and amplifier do you have by the way.
I am trying to fix the a/c and i need to find the relay. I have to fuse box but cannot locate the relay and thats where i found the problem to be
You can get a Chiltons and Haynes Manual for or jeep at Auto Zone, Parts Plus or even the part department of a jeep dealer. The wiring diagram is in these books.
Basically The plasma has about 5 or 6 connections in hte back. For soem reason only my a.v. 1 and 2 are working. my Component 1 AND 2 are not. I tried plugging in my sat. dvd player, and axbox. Every time, I can see a picture, and I can hear sound, but the picture is black and white, Like we're in hte 50's! Anyway I was wondering if maybe this is an ongoing problem with other people as well, maybeits a fuse or something in the t.v. I don't know. And before I bring it to a repair man, I thought maybe I can sacve a couple of bucks by asking on here, and doing it my self. Any suggestions??
alot of times people hook up their component cables wrong red, green, blue cables are for video solid red and white are for audio you DO NOT plug in the yellow cord