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Q:what would cause a 1999 merc cougar to blow starter relay and fuses?
sounds like you've got one hell of a short somewhere. something is grounding out in the big way that shouldnt be.
Q:1988 Jeep Comanche gauge problems/ not working.?
Check fuses, if not a fuse, replace the dashboard gauge circuit board. DISCUSSION: Check the simplest and cheapest things first (fuses). If it is not a fuse problem, the easiest (and possibly the cheapest) step is to replace the dashboard gauges with parts from a junk yard. You might have blown the voltage regulator on the dash board (not the voltage regulator associated with the alternator). The difficulty of getting out the old dashboard gauges, and replacing a single component is slightly more than the difficulty of getting out the old dashboard gauges and replacing the who dashboard gauge circuit board, gauges and all. You might have also blown some gauges, so even if you fix one component, you might have to go back in to fix more. It is better to recharge the battery when it is disconnected from the car (to avoid the possibility of blowing out sensitive electronics such as dash boards).
Q:How do you fix a Benq LCD TV DV3750 that has no power and does not turn on?
I think you blew a fuse on the main power supply.these units are pretty much low voltage and high current systems, and they shouldn't have problems with shorted components.
Q:I have a '99 Bonneville SSEi with ALC ride(Automatic Level Control)?
The okorder
Q:What was the first electronic device in the history of mankind.?
Wow, very demanding for someone who needs a favor. The compass. Really. It uses electromagnetic waves to point north. The ability to recognize this and build a device that can use it was the first electronic device.
Q:Blown Kenwood KDC-P5028 CD Reciever?
If the fuses are good and it was a dead short you most likely fried the circut board. If you are mechanically and electronically inclined dis assemble the unit and go over everything with a good magnifying glass. Start at the point of the burn. (it will be obviously marked) and follow the track. If it is only the wire its self then you get off easy by replacing it. Next look inside as many units have another fuse hidden inside. If that is not it and it is one of the fine strips in the board take a very fine bit of wire and solder it in to bridge the burnt section. If any of the small components (resistors, diodes) you can replace the larger ones but not the tiny ones. Damaged ones of any type will be discolored and you can spot them with the glass.
Q:van wont shift out of park, brake lights are off but so are 10 other electrical components?
Your brake lights not working is the reason it won't come out of park. Some of the newer vehicles have more than one fuse box. Mine has one under the back seat and one under the hood. The owners manual is the first place to start. Make sure ALL the fuses are good. You'll need a test light, check for power at your brake light switch, located on the brake pedal under the dash. Then check to see if you have power at the other end of the switch when the pedal is depressed. A lot of times, it is this switch that goes bad or just gets knocked around. If you have power on both sides of this switch, then you move on to the bitsy solenoid. I'd need more information to tell you where it is on your van, but try checking the brake light switch first. Good luck!
Q:My car won't start!!!?
The ignition fuel and starter are all on the same circuit?? Seems odd, but possible I guess. Your going to have to get an amperage draw test done on the individual components of the system and see which one is drawing enough amps to melt the fuse. Could be the components, the wiring (not likely) or the control module (rare). Also could be a short to ground or short to power. Sounds confusing but I bet it's faulty internal starter windings causing the problem. Have the starter removed and professionally tested by a reputable auto electric shop not a parts guy that thinks he's a mechanic. Also if it's a manual transmission car try parking it on hills and roll starting it to verify the problem if this is possible.
Q:Car speakers won't work, any help greatly appreciated?
whilst you're finding for some low-fee audio equipment i might get some Pioneer, they at the instant are not that incredibly greater desirable than the manufacturers you have stated and that they are going to sound a lot greater desirablei might stay faraway from Lazar thoroughly Boss some human beings are transforming into sturdy audio equipment from them others do unlike them. they're usual greater for their amps Pyle the comparable, the two sturdy and undesirable comments, individually i've got heard pyle and that i did no longer like they way they sound. yet another low-fee sort that some human beings like are Phoenix Gold and AudiobahnI actual have had a pair of audiobahn audio equipment and that i became into incredibly inspired with their sound, additionally I actual have considered opposition all audiobahn autos take homestead the trophies too some years lower back.
Q:Lincoln town car air suspension?
compressor has a 30amp fuse, but, if the compressor runs, no fuse to check, probably have leaking air springs in rear

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