RXW0-35 RXW10-35 Outdoor high-voltage current limit fuse

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These products can be used in outdoor system of AC 50Hz and rated voltage of 35kV to protect electric transformer and voltage mutual-inductor from overload and short circuit.

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Q:Replaced the bulbs in a 97 sebring fog lights fuses are fine, still dont work?
There are really only three options left and I would check them in this order: The fog light relay (most likely underhood) The fog light switch The wiring between all components A volt/ohm meter can test all of the above.
Q:How to make a television/computer screen planter?
Just make sure to remove any electronic components. IE: wires, fuses, motherboards. Then you can either remove the screen and use that for the top, or you can make a hole in the top and use that.
Q:Fuses and circuit breakers are used to what?
there is a thin piece of metal inside, too much current makes the metal get hot and breaksaving the system
Q:Why is my Chevy Lumina car not charging battery?
There is an alternator fuse in the under hood fuse box . If that is not blown check the battery wire on the back of the alt for battery voltage .
Q:1993 Yamaha FZR600R, Headlights dont work anymore. What do i do?
Water has most likely got into relay or switchgear.Use a multi meter to check for continuity and power in corresponding wires and contacts.
Q:What's happening because I wrongly put the battery terminal on my 2002 Honda Accord EX?
Reverse connection destroys a lot of electronics near instantaneously. If you are lucky, you will just need to replace a lot of fuses. Or possibly a master fuse in or near the positive battery cable. At worst you will have to replace the engine management computer and a lot of other electronic systems in the car
Q:A 3a device run with 13a fuse, has this been harmed?
it depends whether or not the radio received more 3 amps. if it did it is most likely ruined as normally the fuse will have stopped this happening. my only advice is to put the correct fuse in the radio and try it then if it still does not work it was ruined.
Q:anyone know the Best way to rewire my fuse box?
it fairly is a risk that some thing is incorrect with the the remainder of the wiring on your place. although, the electrician became not required to do something approximately any of your wiring aside from the couple of ft going into the breaker field if that cord regarded ok then he does not have any reason to alter it. truthfully rewiring the whole abode could fee way greater beneficial than $one thousand or $1200, an entire rewire ought to fee 5 or ten circumstances that lots. So the fee distinction probably has greater to do with him not having coverage, not having a employer truck to maintain, and/or only being greater desperate for some earnings. i could fee $600-800 for a job like that reckoning on what proportion circuits have been in contact and how lots difficulty it became going to be to instruct the potential off and reconnect it. once you're worried that rewiring does might desire to be achieved, take a glance on the insulation of the present wires and notice if curiously broken, or the right age to be brittle. If not, there is not any reason to think of it fairly is failing
Q:What could cause my cable to short through a usb adapter?
Theres too much power going into the fuse. Try plugging it in to a different fuse to see if it blows that one also.

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