Fuse Holder 5X20

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Product Description:

Max Fuse Holder


1.Size: 5x20, 6x30

2.Working freuquence:50HZ, AC

3.Shell: Thermoplastic

4.High quality and reasonable price 

5.black thermoplastic holder

6.silver -plating brass pole

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Q:why is my 1997 linc mark VIII keep bloing the 30 amp fuse which is under the hood? every time i turn on lights
Well because you have a short. Find the Chiltons manual for your car. Find the wiring diagram and disconnect circuits one by one until the fuse stops blowing. Then you have to replace the wire or device that has shorted out. Yeah it is tedious and time consuming. If you have a Volt - Ohm meter you can save yourself a bunch of fuses. The resistance should be above .4 ohms to keep the fuse in operating limits. Otherwise throw money at it and have a pro do it!
Q:Whats wrong with the electrics in my car?
you obviosly have a short to ground somewhere
Q:Having problems Setting up my sound system?
First, NEVER USE A BIGGER FUSE, WHEN YOU HAVE AN ELECTRICAL ISSUE!!!!!!! It's a very easy way to set a vehicle on fire. I've seen it, and it's not pretty. Can we/I have more details, vehicle, system components, with model numbers, what you have done prior to the installation the only thing I can think of, with the information provided, is you have the power and ground wires backwards like touching your batteries terminals together
Q:ford galaxy issues, fuses, relay if there are any, electrical.?
Ford Galaxy Electrical Problems
Q:Science problem?
A fuse is a one time use component, it self destructs in order to open the circuit. A circuit breaker is a reusable/resettable protection device. Once tripped and the circuit fault repaired a circuit breaker may be reset
Q:93 chevy caprice. fuse for the computer keeps blowing in-dash. Any reason why?
if it shuts off when you put it in gear you need to check the mounts real good in it,it may have a broken engine mount,and that may be allowing it to break ground ,this will cause it to stall out,and blow a fuse,because when you loose the ground wire,you loose power to some of the inside components,such as the computer,and this will make them blow fuses sometimes,its worth a try,good luck with it.
Q:For professional mechanics. I have a 93 buik regal with a 3800. It has no ignition fire.?
Well, you show that your fingerprints are all over the components, BUT- how about diagnostics? Have you done pin-out tests at the PCM? G.M. has a known failure rate in the harnesses. Have you tested for voltage? Have you checked the vRef for the components? When you turn the key on, does the MIL illuminate? If not, check the fuses and Vpwr for the PCM. If the MIL does illuminate, have you checked for Diagnostic Codes? If you need, e-mail me, and I will see if I can help out!
Q:Is anyone good at fixing cars?
Most likely, you still need to replace the rear lights fuse. Most domestic and imports were built to show no light on the dash board in order to indicate that rear lights are not on working order. For the signal light, you must replace the dimmer. The dimmer is a cylinder shaped component (about 1.5 inches diameter) typically located on the same fuse block. Just pull it out and replace it with a new one. Good luck!
Q:microwave problem?
The fuse can blow from a power surge, caused by lightning or inconsistent power service. They can also blow from a direct short in one of the other components. Replace the fuse, they are cheap. If it blows again right away, you probably have a direct short in the microwave.
Q:What would happen if you installed a car battery in backwards?
that is somewhat not basic to assert precisely. Did it burn each and every of the rubber insulation off of the cord? or perhaps even burn the cord in 2? If no longer you're likely ok. I mean it would not damage replacing that floor cord basically so in a lengthy time period down the line you haven't got issues. Does the automobile nonetheless run? i have had batteries short out and do a similar element. Fried the black cord grounding the battery to the automobile. Burnt off each and every of the rubber insulation. My basically option on the time changed into black electric powered tape I had contained in the glove container. I placed a battery in it and drove it abode. i in my opinion forgot about that tape restore I had done till analyzing your question. i must have pushed that truck yet another 40,000 miles with out issues.
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