Thermal Cutoff Fuse

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Product Description:

Temperature Fuse 250V

1.Rating Voltage: 250 V

2.Color : Any color is ok


4.High quality and competitive price

5.The open temperature tolerance is ±5 °C,

6.Maximum Contact Rating: 8 A / 250 VA.

7.The open temperature of YJ001 ranges from 50 °C to 150 °C in 5 °C increments.

8.Lead wire:YJ001 # black; custom-designed calble is also avaiable.


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Q:Electronics question :)?
Q:Rover 420 draining battery overnight 4A draining. Removing Fuses dont stop it. New battery, alternator working
A 4 amp draw is enough to produce heat in a component.It can be located by scanning the engine compartment and interior with a remote temperature sensing thermometer.They are available from Harbor Freight for around $40 and can be very useful around the house for other things.
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you are able to, yet for one i might advise a capacitor in there someplace, in case you obtain six hundred watts it is going to dim your lighting fixtures at night. the line adapter is a powerful thought, reason you will choose RCA's to flow to the amp, and yet another difficulty would desire to be the amp distant turn on, which the inventory radio won't have. yet a 12V source from the radio will artwork. i might unload that amp, I have been given one for my vehicle and it sucks, the subs would be severly under powered and you will would desire to crank the stereo to get the watts up, which in turn will make the amp run greater durable, which will finally end up burning out. you will desire to understand RMS wattage additionally, if the subs are 1000 max, they're prolly 650 RMS, and if the amp is six hundred Watt, this is probable 250 RMS watts, you will desire to discover out the ohms of impedance on the subs, and see what your amp will placed out at that may would desire to bridge it, or you may in basic terms choose to flow with one sub.
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1: Could be White Blood Cells and other immuno cells 2: Hormones 3: Hemoglobin located on red blood cells 4: Carbonic An hydrase (which fuses CO2 molecules into a bicarbonate for transfer in the blood) as well as carbamino hemoglobin located with red blood cells and some plasma transports small amounts of diffused CO2 5: Red blood cells hemoglobin and bicarbonate are 2 major blood pH buffers 6: Don't know what you mean cause glucose, amino acids and fatty acids/ other monomers float freely for the most part in the blood (plasma if you want the correct portion of blood) 7: If by tissue you mean clotting then platelets and clotting proteins like fibrin/fibrinogen 8: Carrier proteins carry those things. or they float freely anything thats a protein or cell is part of the solid component anything not manufactured by the body is plasma portion, e.g. glucose, amino acids and such been awhile since I did circulation so I hope thats pretty accurate
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Scott is a good company. The speedster models are there lower end stuff. But if it works OK for $250 I'd buy it. 800 miles isn't much if cared for. If it's the one available on Craig's list buy if in good shape. You can't touch a road bike for $250 new.
Q:2005 lincoln navigator doesent work?
Yep check your fuse. Electrical components age together, when you replace your battery, your adding 100% pure juice instead of the 90% your components aged at. Check your Owners Manuel for location of your fuse box, then check your fuses for burned out fuses
Q:anyone know the Best way to rewire my fuse box?
Best bet for the BAT/alternator fuse is a fuse link or maxi-fuse and you will save a bunch of heavy guage wiring. Your ignition switch may have one or two ACC wires and usually only one RUN wire and one B+ (battery feed). Determine which wires you want to feed the fuse panel strips with and hook them up to the common fuse box junctions - then run you accessory and other component wiring from the appropriate fuses in the box. Use the BAT feed wire from the ignition switch for your lighting fuses. More often than not, your head lamp switch has an internal circuit breaker for the head lamps.
Q:What can you do to check a distributor and fuses in a 1993 Toyota Camry?
First okorder
Q:Big problem with my trucks wiring?
My first thought would be that you don't have a high enough rated fuse plugged in. I know they're color-coded AND stamped with the amp ratingbut are you sure it's the right one? Have you gone up a size to see if that helps? If you have a short, going from a 10- to 15-amp fuse, for instance, won't really run the risk of damage—it'll still blow. If you're confident about the rating or going up a notch doesn't help, you might have to disconnect everything on that circuit and plug the components in one-at-a-time until you find what blows the fuse. Once you have a suspect, pop in a new fuse and plug in just that one thing. If it blows again with nothing else on, you know where your problem is. Good luck!
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OK, this question doesn't make sense, for two reasons: 1.) Colors, by definition, are at different wavelengths. If the beam has 2 color components, each component would have it's own wavelength. 2.) Your question at the end isn't a proper sentence, and is leaving a necessary part out.
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