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I have a pontiac Grand Prix GTP, its 2000 the under hood is clean but not clean enouch, Should i just go to a car wash and use pressure water on the engine components? how does one clean these wiers and stuff the dust seems to be every where, are there any pros who do it for you? is yes how much taht cost?Pls helpThank you
Go to the auto parts store, and buy some engine de-greaser/ cleaner it may be a few $$ per cantake it to the car wash and follow the directions.you will be surprised at the results
I check the fuses and they are good.
Geez this seems to be occurring to an excellent sort of persons i understand - we could continuously all go decrease back to roll up domicile windows. My Taurus had that issue and that i took it in 4 diverse situations earlier it ultimately worked perfect!!! I have not have been given any thought what they ultimately did to it, i understand I asked that they replace the completed door.
01.Transformer 02.Rectifier03.Voltageeregulatorr 04.Filter**BASICCOMPONENTSS ONLY (NOT MORE THAN 15)
you opt for a voltage regulator, amperage concerns much less subsequently. I make uncomplicated circuits and for all people I upload a voltage regulator. considering which you're working at a extra physically powerful voltage, you're above my sort (i take advantage of 6v and below). in spite of the incontrovertible fact that, maximum high quality voltage regulators comprise geared up in cutting-edge and voltage secure practices. A voltage regulator additionally will modify the present to a particular output. verify the link below, 5 amps max (thats solid on your case). The voltage is likewise in the skill, dont be perplexed by way of the information sheet. that's unquestionably fairly user-friendly. You DO choose a multi-meter to purpose the outputs in basic terms incase. yet that would desire to do it for you guy. i'm unfamiliar with the kind of regulator I appropriate in spite of the incontrovertible fact that it is going to tolerate warmth effective judging by way of its layout and schematics, not a low priced little 1cm x1cm element. this might set you back approximately 5-12 greenbacks. based the place you purchase it, choose a soldering iron and additionally the multi meter. something with DC, i like to characteristic a diode for a circuit, stops cutting-edge/voltage from going the incorrect way. Your capacity supply might have it regular although. Edit: in spite of if that's RATED for 10 amps, it does not advise that it is going to likely be 10 amps, relies upon on the draw. Thats all it may produce. Odds are you have a low priced duel factor fuse in there. it is going to hold a solid 12 amps for 15-20 min. Volts will burn out circuits quicker than amps (yours is possibly rated for 600v), so verify that score first. As an electrician, we continuously verify volts first. OCPD (overcurrent secure practices gadget) will cease any injury. You DO choose a regulator although, to guard your amp. Edit back: Jumbilia kinda reaffirmed it. Love electric engineers!
I have a component cable with an end for a ps3, xbox 360 and wii. If I plug a xbox 360 and ps3 into it and then plug it into my tv will something bad happen if I have both my xbox and ps3 on? Or will this even work at all.
Not sure if you can connect them both. The adapter piece is probably too short to connect both. The power adapters will create too wide of a separation to connect them. If you did manage to connect them you're either going to get nothing or you're going to blow up your house and every house within a 5 mile radius.
I have a 1000 watt insignia amp trying to power 2 12 sony xplods but everytime i connect power to the amp the fuses blow in it. I also have a fuse by the battery that hasnt blown. Everything is right and it should work, I have gone throught it like 100 times and I cant understand why the fuses are blowing. Someone said insignia is garbage and i should just replace the amp, is this true?
trace all wiring leading to the amp. sounds like you have a short. if its not in your wiring then it must be the amp. i have never heard of nor encountered that brand of product ever. always be safe and purchase wisely. steer clear from products that are not known in the business.
i just upgraded from a p200-2 to a t500.1 they are rockford amps. i had the p200 powering two alpine type r's. abc warehouse told me i was severely underpowering them and continuing to do so would ruin them. they hooked up 4 gauge wiring but kept my fuse and fuse holder. i plan on buying the bigger fuse holder and the 200 watt or voltage (idk how they measure them) fuse for the amp but i was wondering if i could use it for a couple weeks until i have the time and 40 bucks to buy and install these parts. they also told me that my jvc cd player doesnt have the right input for subs even tho ive been there 3 times with that same cd player and they never told me this. heres a list of my stuff. 2 alpine type r 12 inch subs in a q-logic ported box. a jvc cd player ( i payed round 150) a rockford t500.1 amp, 4 gauge power and ground wires, 8 guage rcas, and remote wire, a fuse holder that came with a 8 gauge amp wiring kit and a 80 watt fuse. what would you do next if you were in my situation?
the reason they said underpowering them is bad is because people usually just turn up the volume to make up for lack of watts. when you turn up the volume too loud the signal gets distorted and distortion is what will ruin your sub. Distortion kills subs not watts. i've heard of people pumping twice the recomended watts to a sub without problems.
I have a HP Pavillion ZD8000 laptop that I paid $2000 for a few years ago. The video card just went bad on it and I'm being told that since it's fused to the motherboard, I need to purchase a new motherboard. I don't have alot of money to pour back into this laptop. Where can I find an affordable motherboard for this laptop? Where is the best place to have it installed?Thanks!
for what it will cost you to find and have the board replaced you could go buy a new laptop with similar specs Laptop prices have tumbled over the past 2 yrs and your $2000 lappy (with the same specs) brand new today is worth about $700
I was just wondering what happens when an electrical component or circuit becomes 'shot' as we term it. Now I am studying engineering, and my field has delved slightly into electricity, so I understand electricity to a point. But anyone out their with a good understanding of electricity, what exactly goes wrong? Thanks.
Many things can occur to make a piece of equipment malfunction (you may use the term shot, but others don't). Semiconductors can sometimes grow whiskers, tiny metal fingers that can cause shorts. Semiconductors subjected to thermal cycles can die due to cracks in the die, or leads breaking. You can have bad solder connections on PC boards or connectors that eventually fail. Connectors can wear out from repeated use, or the wires can break in cables. Poorly designed electronics can die early due to voltage or thermal stress, exceeding the ratings of the components. The most common failure mode is around connectors and cables. If I think of the failed electronic devices I have seen in the last 20 years, I can list a PC with a bad memory connector, a PC with a broken key on the keyboards, An electric heater not working on HI, with a faulty overload trip, A scanner with a bad cell. A CRT type TV where the screen brightness slowly faded till it was not usable. And that's about all, the rest are due to obsolescence. .