cylindriical fuse links and fuse holder

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cylindriical fuse links and fuse holder

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Q:What should you pay attention to when using high voltage fuses?
check the outdoor fuse of the conductive part of the contact is tight, the fuse itself with or without damage, insulation tube with or without damage;
Q:According to the breaking speed, can be divided into
Medium-speed fuse (generally indicated by M)
Q:The choice of fuse tube can be based on the following process
IEC specifications and UL specifications of the fuse rated current difference, see "stable current".
Q:The difference between the fuse gG and the aR
fuse gR (DIN VDE / IEC) full range of semiconductor protection
Q:Fuse fuse is what material
Melt materials are divided into low melting point and high melting point
Q:The use and function of the fuse
Its role is when the circuit has too much current, the insurance produces more heat
Q:How to classify fuses
According to the volume points, can be divided into: large, medium, small and micro.
Q:How do I use a multimeter to detect if the fuse is broken
respectively, which fuse is detected to burn, when the multimeter reaction resistance is good Of the resistance is the loss of the fuse is burned
Q:The difference between DC fuses and AC fuses
Alternating current is a sinusoidal waveform alternating conduction, the weekly wave has a zero, then the minimum value of electricity is very easy to extinguish the arc
Q:How does the fuse be classified
According to the rated voltage points, can be divided into: high-voltage fuses, low-voltage fuses and safety voltage fuses.

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