RT16 Series knife contactor fuse

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Scope of application

It is applicable industrial electrical distributing installation of AC 50Hz ( or 60Hz ) rated voltage 500/690V and 400V, rated current 1250A and below. It is provided with the function of the protection against overload or short circuit.

Type and meaning
Main technical parameter
Outline and installation size

circuit of rated voltage up to 1000V.
Mainly used to assemble and change RT16 senes low-voltage high breaking fuses in the

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Q:Is the fuse blown directly with copper wire?
The reason why the use of lead in the fuse of this kind of low melting point of the metal, because it can protect the electrical equipment and electrical lines, when the current load is too large, may damage the circuit.
Q:What is the role of thermal fuse
When the motor and other load equipment beyond its rated temperature value to play an instantaneous power protection role
Q:What is the principle of choosing a fuse?
he limit breaking current of the fuse should be greater than or equal to the effective value of the short-circuit impulse current that may occur in the protection circuit
Q:What is the common function of the circuit breaker and the fuse?
Fuse protection is to fuse, troubleshooting after the need to replace the melt to restore power supply, inconvenience
Q:Fuse fuse all the reasons
Pulse: When the circuit starts or the power supply is unstable, a momentary current causes the fuse to break
Q:Why can not the neutral line fuse
Zero line can not be installed insurance depends on the situation.
Q:Why the neutral line can not fuse
The role of the fuse is that when it is in series circuit current High when the fuse overheats, burned, the circuit is broken
Q:What material can be used to make fuse fuse
Changing the shape of the variable cross-section can significantly change the fusing characteristics of the fuse
Q:How to read the fuse ring
so the resistance of the resistance: 220000Ω = 220 KΩ, the error is 5% 1.4.2 colored ring resistance: is a precision resistor, with five color ring to represent the resistance value, method and four-color ring resistance The same
Q:What is a closed fuse:
Closed fuses are divided into filler fuses and fillerless fuses, as shown in Figure 3 and Figure 4

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