C65LE Elcb Rcbo Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

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*C65LE ELCB RCBO Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker 
*With overcurrent protection 
*6KA high breaking capacity 
*OEM offered 

C65LE ELCB RCBO Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker


C65LE ELCB is used for the protection against electrical leakage in the circuit of 50Hz or 60Hz, rated voltage single-phase 230V, 3 phase 400V, rated current up to 60A. When somebody gets an electric shock or the residual current of the circuit exceeds the fixed value, the ELCB can cut off the power within the time of 0.1s automatically to protect the personal safety and preventing the equipment from the fault resulted by the residual current. With this function, the ELCB can protect the circuit against overload and short circuit or can be used for the unfrequented switchover of the circuit under normal conditions. It conforms to IEC61009 standard.


C65LE ELCB RCBO Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

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Q:What is the difference between the breaking capacity of the fuse and the fusing capacity
Breaking capacity refers to the fuse at rated voltage, can withstand the maximum safe short-circuit current
Q:Fuse fuse is what material
Low melting point materials such as lead and lead alloys
Q:What is the common function of the circuit breaker and the fuse?
The trip speed of the circuit breaker is in milliseconds (ms), relatively slow, and some occasions where the cut speed is high is not applicable
Q:Why is the fuse broken
There is a short circuit in the circuit, resulting in short circuit current, short circuit current is too large fuse fuse
Q:What are the hidden faults of the automatic reset fuse?
Can automatically reset the fuse, in fact, before N years already have, but applied in other areas, and now the field of electric faucet has emerged some unprofessional manufacturers claim to use the domestic first fuse automatic reset technology
Q:How to read the fuse ring
so the resistance of the resistance: 220000Ω = 220 KΩ, the error is 5% 1.4.2 colored ring resistance: is a precision resistor, with five color ring to represent the resistance value, method and four-color ring resistance The same
Q:If it is possible, is it possible to have an electric shock?
the provisions of the allowable deviation of the rated voltage of -10%, +7%! If the voltage is 170V can be determined and the supply
Q:Fast break fuse and slow cut fuse difference
Slow-breaking fuses also have short-circuit and overload protection functions
Q:Why does the rated current of the fuse be based on the effective value as a standard?
And the effective value of the current from the integral point of view, is its effective heat effect. So not only the rated current of the fuse is expressed in terms of the rms value
Q:When selecting a fuse, you must consider several elements
That is, if the circuit voltage is 125V, then the choice of the rated voltage 125V and 250V fuse can be used. If the circuit voltage is 250V, it can only use 250V fuse, and can not use 125V fuse.
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