Fuse switch and fuse pullers

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Fuse switch and fuse pullers

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Q:Why copper can not replace the fuse
When the circuit fails or abnormal, accompanied by rising current, and the rising current may damage some important devices in the circuit or expensive devices, it is possible to burn the circuit or even cause a fire.If the circuit correctly placed the fuse ,
Q:Is the fuse the same as the fuse?
Has aroused the attention of experts and professors from the world.
Q:Broken speed, which can be divided into?
Japanese regulatory fuse (PSE).
Q:Fuse fuse is what material
the melting point of the low melting point, because of its high resistivity, so the melt made of larger cross-sectional size
Q:What is the factor of the fuse tube?
In most cases, the delay fuse is best suited for circuit protection with pulses.
Q:Why not tighten the fuse more easily blown
Because there is no pressure to make the fuse at one end and the terminal contact at the first solution, great harm.
Q:Fuse fuse all the reasons
Fuse blown the essence: the current flows through the fuse heat, so that the fuse heat, if the heat can not be dispersed in time, the fuse continues to heat up to melt melting after the break.
Q:What is the difference between resistance and resistance fuses
when the added power exceeds the power of the resistor, the fuse will blow, not the whole resistance to smoke and smoke
Q:What is a semi-enclosed fuse
The semi-enclosed fuse is mounted on a porcelain frame
Q:Fuse blown current and time
and W = PT which can be seen from the fuse fuse current and time relationship.

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