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ok, so how to i get it so ios224 shows up in the settings on usb loader gx?
don't okorder / open with winrar and copy to you're sd card. now go to the homebrew channel, go to launch bootmii on the home menu, wad manager, and press 1 then A. you should have have a usb loader gx channel, and it should work perfectly now install games, and play
What is the maximum speed of the loader?
Although there is no speedometer, I estimate that it should be 30.50 yards fastest. A general who ran away so fast, fast and Akira, you are afraid to open up.
im interested in hunting with a muzzle loader and i have never done it before. i have hunted with bow, rifle, shotgun all the other stuff and have been hunting for 12+ years. but i have never gone muzzle loader hunting. so what do i need to get and im wanting to keep it as inexpensive as possible. no one in my family hunts muzzleloader and none of my friends do either. so im starting from scratchany help would be appreciatedthanks
Above info is good. I would stick with a percussion cap. The flint is worthless in the rain are dew or damp areas. Walk through some damp brush and your gun is worthless. Percussion is the way to go and much safer as the above people stated about flints. You tube is a great source for lots of info. There are tons of videos on muzzle loaders.
What's a good Hard Disk for the PS2?Where can I get a guide about installing one?Where can I get a Loader?
First you need to make sure you have the 1st generation ps2 console. Next, you need a standard IDE hard drive (80gb up to 160gb recommended. Maxtor is a known brand that works). Next, you need a ps2 network adapter (slot cover is located in the back of your ps2). Remove the cover and insert the new hard drive in the hard drive bay(screw and tighten into place).
I have just bought an eVLution III hopper off of OKordereverything works fine on it exept i can't figure out how to change the speed. theres a white looking tab thing there, and the instrustions dont say anything on how to change the speed. on the picture on the front of the box theres no white tab there. anyone help?
use a flathead to adjust it.
i hear spyder barrels fit but im not sureif there are barrels can you guys post links or what types there are thanks
its been a while since i used spyder but im pretty sure spyder victor I and II work w/ it cuz i had a view loader hopper w/ my spyder v2 try spyder xtreme also
I never once conntected the wii to the internet and now suddenly when I do the usb loader stops working. when I click on the channel the screen just goes black. luckly all I had was a backup of my paper mario game. what did i do to my usb loader. is it ruined?
Got a Wii Update... -- That's where you went wrong as most Wii Updates include anti-modding measures, including stubbed IOS's that destroy the cIOS's that some advanced mods, like USB Loader GX, require. If you still have access to the Homebrew Channel (if you're running 1.0.7 or 1.0.8, you should be OK), you can try repair the damage. You'll have to install cIOS 236 first to regain trucha-bug support that's required to install cIOS 249 (as well as deleting the stubbed IOS 249 from the update). You may not be able to utilize any channel loaders since most modders haven't attempted to modify Wii Menu 4.3's system IOS (IOS 80), but it should be functional through the Homebrew Channel.
how to use youtube down loader?
earlier changing the video a window pops up that announces opt for high quality, opt for extreme for the video high quality, additionally their is a bar for quantity in the mind-blowing backside side of the window additionally make it complete, i'm hoping that solves the sound undertaking!