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Grid structure:

Grid structure is composed of a plurality of rods connected by nodes according to certain grid. It is of small space force, light weight, high stiffness and good seismic performance. Its relevant products can be applied in building roof such as gymnasium, cinema, exhibition hall, waiting hall, stadium awning, hangar and two-way space workshop.

Main strongpoints:

● Short construction period. All components could be produced by the factory for field installation. The generally smaller industrial plant only takes 45d to 2 months, and the steel-frame and concrete-tube construction is 8 to 12 months.

● Saving investment with less dead load and less foundation cost. Besides, with the adoption of the poly ethylene foam sandwich panels or single board with insulation cotton, it can save energy with excellent thermal insulation properties.  When the span of plant is wider, its advantage is more obvious.

● Excellent seismic behaviors. Due to its flexible structure and light weight, it can effectively reduce the seismic response and the bad influence of disaster.

● Convenience for removal. Once the owners of the building is not satisfied with the site or faced unexpected change of external environment, the building could be removed in a very short period of time with small loss.

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