Can I use 5/8 In. Gypsum Board for boiler room ceiling?
It would depend on the length and width of the room. But most likely yes. I've seen some r...
Gypsum Board Cubicles?
It will last forever. Or until you try to use it as a load bearing surface. Then it will f...
With gypsum ceiling, in the dining room to install ceiling fan lights, how to reserve the location?
Connect the power cord: 1. Connect the ceiling fan outlet cable and the power cord with th...
Living room gypsum board ceiling, there are half a year, and want to demolish it, is it a lot of trouble?
If the boom inside the ceiling does not change, then the line can remain unchanged. If the...
Can the gypsum ceiling be fitted with curtains?
I trust this brand more! Muxiyuan and Dahongmen have to sell!...
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