Fiberglass Spray Roving ZrO2 16.7%

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Fiberglass Spray Roving ZrO2 16.7% is used by manual auto spray method to manufacture glass fiber reinforced concret(GRC).

Product codeStrand tex(tex) Filament dia(um) Moisture content(%) Size content(%) Breaking Strength(N/tex) Zirconia Content(%) Elastic modulus(Gpa)
ARC15-2400240015 <0.1 ≥ 1.4 ≥ 0.25 ≥ 14.5 72.0
ARC13-2700H2700 13 <0.1 ≥ 1.6 ≥ 0.30 ≥ 16.5 80.4

Fiberglass Spray Roving ZrO2 16.7%

Our alkali resistant fiberglass roving is an AR glass chopping roving mainly designed for use in the manufacture of GRC composites by the manual spray method. HUIERJIE SPRAY ROVING is designed for optimum processability. It is used in the manufacture of GRC architectural panels and other building elements, civil engineering and infrastructure components.


Easy chopped

Good integrity

Excellent dispersibility and alkali resistant;

Been approved by Sheffied University, UK.

Packing and Storage


Each roll of AR-glass fiber spray roving weight 18kg. It is wrapped by a shrinking polythene film, then to be packed in one carton. 48 cartons or 64 cartons are to be packed in one pallet. 20 pallets (on two levels) are to be loaded in a 20 feet container, giving a total net weight of approximately 20 tons.

Other packing methods are available, according to customers' requirements.


AR fiberglass spray up roving should be stored dry in their original package, the best conditions being at a temperature of between 15 and 35, and at a relative humidity of between 35 and 65%. If the product is stored at low temperature (below 15), it is advisable to condition in the workshop for 24 hours before use to prevent condensation.

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There may be a RESPA issue involved with remaining with your current company and also being a real estate professional. When I tried to do the opposite they wanted me to place my RE license in holding. Wish you luck
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With okorder -- on how to partner when wholesaling. There's a ton of good stuff there on all aspects of creative real estate investing. Usually, when two or more investors are working together, they refer to each other as partners. It doesn't mean you need a formal written agreement--although that oftne would be preferable. What it means is that you're partnering up on the deal. You really have two questions: How do you deal with buyers, and how do you deal with the person putting the house under contract. I assume you have some relationship worked out with the person who's putting the house under contract. If not, you should. And, preferably in writing, though lots of investors do rely on handshakes. And you can split the deal whatever way you want. Just make sure you and your partner are clear on what the compensation method will be. As for dealing with buyers, get all the buyer information you normally do: what they're looking for, how much they have for a deposit or down payment, whether they'd buy outright or use a lease-option to buy, what they want to pay, and so on. Really, as much detail as possible. You already know all that. You explain to the buyer: I have a partner who finds homes for buyers like yourself. Here is his contact information. With your permission, I'll let him know that you'll be contacting him. That way, he can begin searching for a house that will work for you. Is that OK? Of course it'll be OK. Then, as soon as you have a chance, send the buyer's information to your partner. That does a couple of things: It really does let the other investor start searching for homes that meet the buyer's needs. And It alerts the investor that when John Smith contacts him, that that's a lead you provided, and that you'll be entitled to whatever portion of the deal you two have worked out. It works a lot better to say partner than referral. Hope that helps.
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What they are going to do is get a civil judgment against you for monies owed to them, and then attach whatever property of yours they can in order to effect repayment. They are putting a lien on your property, and they can do it wherever you have property in the US.
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Congrats for the offer from cass.....I've been offered MSc Real Estate as well for 08/09 but was more keen on the Real Estate Investment programme..........however would love to have more information on the job prospects for MSc Real Estate would be of great help to me if you could keep me posted about the same..............good luck!
Q:Here's how I qualify:-My Outgoing Personality-Having Asperger Syndrome, helping me be able to memorize facts &amp; statistics-That drive and passion for something I love-Wanting to someday raise a family, while living in an ideal home after making sales on homesI'm also planning to take a real estate class at my local community college real soon. Let me know what you think, thanks!
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