made in china waterproofing material insulation material roofing material

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Product name:          made in china waterproofing material insulation material roofing material

Can be installed on roof, wall or floor, resist over 80% external heat from buildings, protect wall, resist thermal shock and sudden cold, etc.

1.No odor and toxicity, environmentally- friendly;
2.Light, soft, dust free, fire retardant, easy to install;
3.Heat reflection, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-radiation, anti-vibration, and shielding;
4.Moisture barrier, sun-proof, waterproof, good sealing property, heat preservation, energy saving…
5.Summer: moisture barrier, sun-proof, heat insulation, saving energy consumed by cool air conditioning ;
6.Winter: heat preservation, central heating saving, and remarkable energy-saving effect.

1. Roof, wall, floor;
2. Shells of air conditioner and water heater;
3. Protective coatings of water pipe and ventilating pipe

Other material structure as follows,


AL/bubble bubble/AL

AL/woven cloth/bubble/AL



AL/woven cloth/AL or AL/woven cloth

AL/Non-woven cloth/AL or AL/non-woven cloth/AL

The above products also can be made in Fire-retardant material.

We also offer XPE heat insulation series, EPE heat insulationseries, woven cloth and non-woven heat insulation material series.

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