• building construction bubble wrap aluminum foil heat insulation material heat insulation material System 1
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building construction bubble wrap aluminum foil heat insulation material heat insulation material

building construction bubble wrap aluminum foil heat insulation material heat insulation material

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Product name: Aluminum foil bubble heat insulation roll,hot selling insulation

This product is a new environmentally-friendly insulation product.It has better thermal insulation performance than other traditional insulation products like fiberglass or cellulose insulation by reflecting the radiant heat away. It doesn't cause any harm to humans and the environment.

1. Roof, wall, floor;
2. Shells of air conditioner and water heater;
3. Protective coatings of water pipe and ventilating pipe

Other material structure as follows,


AL/bubble bubble/AL

AL/woven cloth/bubble/AL



AL/woven cloth/AL or AL/woven cloth

AL/Non-woven cloth/AL or AL/non-woven cloth/AL

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