building construction bubble wrap aluminum foil heat insulation material heat insulation material

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Product name: Aluminum foil bubble heat insulation roll,hot selling insulation

This product is a new environmentally-friendly insulation product.It has better thermal insulation performance than other traditional insulation products like fiberglass or cellulose insulation by reflecting the radiant heat away. It doesn't cause any harm to humans and the environment.

1. Roof, wall, floor;
2. Shells of air conditioner and water heater;
3. Protective coatings of water pipe and ventilating pipe

Other material structure as follows,


AL/bubble bubble/AL

AL/woven cloth/bubble/AL



AL/woven cloth/AL or AL/woven cloth

AL/Non-woven cloth/AL or AL/non-woven cloth/AL

Q:What is the best way to research real estate price trend in different states and cities? Are there any specialized web site which provide this sort of data?
The okorder also offers a chat room where investors can talk with each other about local trends.
Q:Im looking to be a real estate agent. I plan to begin school soon to get my license. I have done alot of reading on real estate agents and the very high failure rate amoung new comers. I have always worked with people in all my jobs and I have always been a giver. I know also the area I live in within the next couple of years will be a sellers market, and there is great chance to make some money. I do understand you dont just jump into this making money and it might be a very long time before I get a pay check. My main concern is getting my name out there i just moved here about a few months ago so I dont know very many people and being a 23 year old women Im nervous about anyone wanting to work with me since im not so expierenced. Then again my next thought is " Well isnt that how everyone beings? My father since I remember has been a real estate agent till latley and he still is in sales but does real estate on the side can you do it part-time? I read that it isnt possible.
Wow that is quite the pitch from the Keller Williams guy.. Not that there is anything wrong with that, I just got a chuckle out of it! I am also a young woman and I started a few years ago in the business... funny thing is No one ever asked me how long I had been doing it.. They only ask people that when they seem to be unexperienced. So I never had that issue come up and I doubt you will either if you don't let your age bother you it won't bother anyone else. The issue with Part time Real Estate is that you never get enough momentum going to become sucessful.. the Real Estate bussiness is about building a pipe line of clients/customers and eventually they will start to come out the other end as sales refferals but if you don't spend the time stocking your pipeline you will only see very minimal results. Getting your name out there is going to take time, no doubt about that. The best thing you can do is take floor time, do Open Houses etc,, anything that will get you leads to work.. once you get a few customers and do a good job for them, you will be on your way to making a good name for your self. Also you will want to find a Broker who spends the time investing in their new Agents. Best of luck!
Q:Im going to school to get a real estate license. I already got a job for keller williams in the LA area. i will start there as soon as i where i need help..people have been really putting me down and saying the economy is bad and nobody will buy right now. they say banks arent even lending money..? i have learned many tricks to get contacts, but i dont so much negativity around the idea of my career...i need some words of inspiration! i can feel it in my heart that this is were i want to be and i feel like i have finally found what i will be good at but is it the right time?? please words of wisdom.thank you!
The real estate business is a one man show. You are the boss of your own company. Some REALTORS? don't do well and others do. It really depends on your personality, how hard you work, how well you network etc. If you need inspiration, this industry is not meant for you. This is a self motivating industry where it's no one's job to keep you hyped up and perky - you have to do it yourself. The market will always be unpredictable. What goes up must come down and vice versa. No one can accurately predict the market. There are always new REALTORS? that come in when the market is booming but most of them aren't around in such a stagnant market. It really depends if you have the finances to stay in the game long enough to turn over a few deals during the year to stay afloat. You have to calculate in your administration fees, franchise fees, board fees, errors and omissions insurance etc EVERY MONTH. If you can't cover those fees, then you're going to be drowning.
Q:Ok I am working on getting my real estate license what are some ways to break into the Real Estate world other than becoming an apartment Leasing Consultant.
I don't know what real estate courses you're taking, but I recommend you stop because it sounds like you're not learning the fundamentals. EVERYONE knows that lease consulting is not the way to enter real estate. Most people enter it (with a license) to become a salesperson who SELLS real estate. Why would you enter it directly into property management or consulting if you don't have anyone to hire you for it (most of those people work for property management companies). You would enter it selling real estate. You will most likely start by helping realtors do open houses and ensuring an agreement is made between the two of you, you might get a cut of the sale, or keep the leads generated at open houses etc. That will be a good starting off point (I picked up two clients both looking to buy and one of them to sell as well with a budget of $1 Million to start). Or you can work as a licensed assistant as part of a team where you could be paid on salary or salary plus bonus or purely commission based. There's so many ways to approach real estate and you should delve deeper since your course doesn't do that for you.
Q:real-estate investor
a real property agent unearths you a house or property and unearths a customer for you. a real property investor will come across a house or property that they prefer to purchase to lease out or turn around and sell for a earnings. distinction, genuine property agent has no interest interior the valuables itself, basically the broker and customer...the investor has interest interior the wise?
Q:Im majoring in real estate and finance at temple currently. However whats the difference from getting a degree in real estate and just taking the 3 week class and getting youre license? Can you get a higher level career with a degree instead of just being a real estate agent, cause im not taking that major to b a real estate agent, i figured it was something more rewarding
A real estate career is definitely worth pursuing if first and foremost, you are well aware of what is really going on in this field. You have to be well oriented about the ins and outs in this line of business. Some sort of preparation is inevitable to help you in circumnavigating your way towards success. You expectations must be real enough to give you the right motivation to get the job done.
Q:What are your thoughts on a a global real estate fund in the current market conditions? Obviously the US RE market has tanked and we are starting to see the global market slip. I recently invested into a 5 star global real estate fund, but am concerned that the global re market will follow suit to the us markets. Should I withdraw my funds or stick it out?Also, this is a short term investment account that we are aggressivley investing our funds. We are looking to purchase a home in abour 2 years and are trying to build some return.
I don't think the international real estate is going to suffer too badly. I know of someone who owns a house in China and the real estate is still climbing.
Q:I'm interested in applying for a job as a Real Estate Agent. Tell me a summary of what it's all about, and what I could look forward to.
I hope I have answered your question.
Q:Whats the best way to approach cold calling a large commercial real estate firm about career opportunities? I'm a recent a graduate with a Finance and Economics degree, but I don't have a real estate license...
You don't need a real estate license in order to apply for a job with a commercial real estate company, plenty of people work for commercial real estate companies in positions that don't require one. If you want to go into leasing then you'd need one. What position are you looking for, corporate accounting and finance etc? I guess just submit your resume and ask for a business card for the person who you could speak to then make a follow up call a couple days later.
Q:How many classes must someone take to get a real estate license to practice selling real estate in california. I am taking the principles of real estate course at the local junior college and was wondering how many more classes i would need to be taking. Thank you!
this site will give you a lot of answers, and it's from the state of CA, so it's not pushing specific classes. Successful completion of three college-level courses is required to qualify for a real estate salesperson examination: Real Estate Principles, and Real Estate Practice, and One course from the following list: Real Estate Appraisal Property Management Real Estate Finance Real Estate Economics Legal Aspects of Real Estate Real Estate Office Administration General Accounting Business Law Escrows Mortgage Loan Brokering and Lending Computer Applications in Real Estate Common Interest Developments

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