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Bamboo Mosaic Decoration Materials

Bamboo Mosaic Decoration Materials

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Bamboo is the world's highest hardness of all plants in a.Bamboo itself can produce rich negative oxygen ions, canpromote the body's blood circulation, has the absorptionof electromagnetic waves, breathing real environmental protection material. Because of the special structure ofthe fiber, bamboo floor excellent flame retardancy, good elasticity, sound-absorbing, sound insulation, withreduced sound pressure, reduce the residual sound time,eliminate fatigue effects to some extent.

Q:Hi, I currently live in California and I wanted to know the steps to getting my real estate license. Would it be easier to go to a comminty college or an online class?Thanks for your time!
The steps involved are listed on the California government website (see below) - a relevant paragraph to your question state: Courses must be three semester-units or four quarter-units at the college level. Courses must be completed at an institution of higher learning accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges or by a comparable regional accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education, or by a private real estate school which has had its courses approved by the California Real Estate Commissioner. Search for approved statutory/pre-license real estate courses. Guessing a real college would be easier, but you might find an accredited online course through their listings (link on their page.)
Q:iv always been interested in a real estate career, i would love to sell homes.....i recently saw a few ads in the newspaper that read like this....Interested in a Real Estata Career?Call ERA First Advantage(name) (phone number)---------------------------------------------------Thinking about a career in Real Estate?Talk to (name) (number)-------------------------------------------------------are they wanting to train pple?what are the requirement to get into real estate?i thought i had to go to college....i only have my HS diplomabtw i live in indiana......
I okorder and I can enail you the names of a few companies in Indy that are great for new agents. I went through one of them myself
Q:i am considering getting a brokers license in massachusetts, its pretty easy. but since i know nothing about real estate i am wondering how exactly you make money with a brokers license. can someone take me through the process. ex: step 1, pass the test and get ur license....step 10, get paidalso im a student so i cant do anything full time with it.
one must become a sales person before becoming a broker. And it is anything but easy; 3/4 fail the test the first time. --to help someone sell property, a broker's agent will take a LISTING. to help someone BUY property, an agent will sign a buyer's agency agreement and find what the buyer wants. the seller pays the commission for the seller's agent and the buyer's agent, in most circumstances. the more agents that a broker has, the more likelihood that one or two will CLOSE deals monthly; that commission is split with the broker UNLESS the Agent pays a desk fee. can guide you further if desired; am licensed in a dif state
Q:I'll go ahead and say it, I'm young...I'm 15. I'll be in 10th grade when school starts back...but lately I've just been thinking about career choices and things like that, I've heard Real Estate is a nice job to have and you could get a good income...but,...I read here on Y! Answers that the market is in a bit of a slump at the moment? I don't know, that's just what I read. What type of person do you need to be to do this?... Is it a hard job? What is required of me? I know that you don't have to go to an actual college for it, you just have to get a license and you have to get a certain amount of hours in a course for that, right? I hate math, I don't enjoy algebra because to me, it seems pointless in MY life and I don't think I would ever use it. Is math required to be in a Real Estate career?? Do you have any advice? I would love to have a nice income for my family, for when and if I ever have one, in the future...
You're fifteen. I would not worry about all of this now. You will change your mind regarding a career twenty times (at least) before you graduate from college. Enjoy the summer. It will go by very quickly. Stop worrying about your lifelong career; you have time to investigate many things. Remember, RE agent work on COMMISSION and DO NOT get paid a straight salary. You had better be a selling fool in order to survive.
Q:Is it possible to start collecting renthouses while working a trade? Im a floor layer and im trying to pick up a part time job if i get the part time job i should start making around 800 a week. Is that insufficient to take on a journey like real estate?
Most real estate investors get involved in investing in real estate on the lower rungs. They would purchase a cheap property that is in need of repair. Fix that property up and use it as a rental or flip it so as to have sufficient funds to repeat this over again. Keep in mind that ole uncle Sam is taking a look at your income, so make sure you immediately place some stock in keeping at least one of the flips as a rental to offset your investment income in paying taxes. You would want to do the following in order to be successful in doing real estate investment #1. Books Purchase or read as many as many books as possible about real estate investment, the type properties you would or should purchase. These books would give you theory about real estate investments #2. Real Estate Investment group You would want to join the local real estate investment group. This group would verify the theory you are learning from reading the books as most of the investors you meet would have experience in most phases of real estate investing. Normally you would be able to attend a few of the meetings prior to joining. You would be required to pay for the cost of a meal. Normally the cost to join is not that much. You would need to google for this group followed by the city and state in which you reside. I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck. FIGHT ON
Q:i was thinking of taking a class in real estate transaction and work for a mortgage broker or maybe even as an appraisal, im not sure though i don't know which one would be more money and beneficial!
It's not so much a career, as a business. If you have business skills, ok check with your state as to the requirements for getting licensed.
Q:Do you own an investment company? How is it set up (llc, ect. please explain it)? Are the houses n your name or company name? Are you an agent, independent agent, or broker? What kind of education do u recommend? Do you suggest any books or courses especially for teens? I like real estate and would love to be a "professional flipper" (investor) and work for myself. Thanks!
Hello there. I have been a real estate investor for about 20 years now. I own my own incorporation. I purchase foreclosure properties, especially now a days they are really cheap. When I am interested in a property, I do some very heavy bargaining for the best possible price. When purchasing a property, I use my company name and use company money to purchase properties. I basically purchase the properties and I have professional agents who work for me to sell the house. If you are interested, you can take a real estate course from a local community college which takes about 6 months to one year to complete. I have four office locations throughout Chicagoland where people can find available properties and meet with agents.
Q:I want to be a mortgage loan officer. Do I need my real estate license right now or can I do loans without it?
It’s not likely and I would not recommend that you hold both licenses at the same time. It just opens the doors to conflicts of interest. I could personally never work with just one person to both act as my buyer’s agent and lender. The thought scares the crap out of me!
Q:Im really interested in working in the real-estate, and get my license. Im interested in being independent and to run my own business and to have a better flexible schedule because now days im working from day to night at the same boring place and i dont see me living my life like this.Im really interested in the real-estate and i want to know the process of being a real-estate agent, how much money i could make and how is the is the life style and working schedule of working of a real-estate agent.
The sky is the limit as to what you could make as an agent. They are paid 100% on commission so the more you sell the more you make
Q:I have been thinking about getting my real estate license... but I want to know if it's a bad time to get it right now. I live in Dallas. I don't want to spend the money on getting my license and not make any money.
Chances are very high you could have gotten a license two or three years ago and not made any money. Only 20% of new agents stick with it for a year, and only 10% are still in the business after 18 months. It takes more dedication than most people are willing to extend, and that whole no income for a year or more doesn’t jive with many of them. Now is definitely not the time to try your hand at being an agent. The best many seasoned agents hope for right now is just to make enough money to get by without needing a second job. It’s not that they’re not great agents. It just doesn’t matter how great you are when loans are hard to get so that few people have the power to buy homes.

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