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Widely used in soya bean milk machine, air purifier, air conditioning, solar energy meter, humidifier, meter, smart meters and other household electrical appliances.


From design to develop to the use of raw materials, experiments were carried out, using low quality silicon steel sheet, with little no-load loss, high efficiency, temperature rise low cost, easy installation etc..





Company have 21 years of business history, set research and development, production and sales as one of professional transformer manufacturing enterprises, also is transformer industry of Shandong Province CQC certification (the original Great Wall certification system, certification time longest enterprises (14 years), mainly produce and sell all kinds of transformer products, including: (transformer Division) three-phase dry type transformer, intelligent three-phase servo transformers, BK\JBK1\JBK3\JBK5 control transformer, toroidal transformer, (small transformer Division) pin, potting type, lead type power transformer series products. (high-frequency transformer Division) EE series, EFD series, PQ series, filter, I-inductor, loop inductance etc..

We are able to supply various types of terminal blocks according to clients' requirement,Please contact us so we can offer you the best quality,competitive price and timely delivery.

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Q:transformer buzzing hum?
A transformer creates a magnetic field that varies at the rate of the line voltage (60 or 50 cycles per second). If there is something in that field that is magnetic, it will be pushed back and forth at that rate, and if it can move, it will create a buzzing sound. Almost all transformers produce a little bit of sound, because the core is made up of layers of magnetic material that are glued together. It's not anything to worry about, just a nuisance.
Q:Transformer stop power operation, the neutral point must be grounded
(3). When the transformer between the high and low voltage coil capacitive coupling, the low side of the voltage will reach the resonance conditions, there may be resonance over voltage, damage insulation. For the low voltage side of the power supply transformer: (1). Since the low side of the power supply, in the system into the system before the high side of the transformer single-phase ground, if the neutral point is not grounded, the neutral point of ground voltage will rise to phase voltage, which may damage the transformer insulation; (2). In the case of non-full phase incorporation, when the phase of the generator is connected with the system, the neutral point of the transformer is not grounded due to the frequency of the generator and the system. Will be twice the phase voltage, the other phase (ie, unphaseed) voltage up to 2.73 times the phase voltage, will cause insulation damage accident.
Q:Transformer sales channels
1. Power supply company tender 2. Cabinet manufacturers 3, the installation company 4, direct customers, to the planning bureau to find, in advance to know which new project 5, design institute, know some late 6. Power supply company front desk, people come to install more late
Q:what's a tv transformer?
Unless the someone was an experienced TV Tech you can take his ( or her ) diagnosis with a very large pinch of salt ! To answer your basic question though what is a Tv transformer ? I will list a few transformers that can be found in a TV set.! Mains AC transformer already described by TV Guy ! Sound IF transformers ( 2 or 3 ) Vision IF transformers Power supply switching transformer ! Line drive transformer . Flyback Transformer A couple or so in the tuner unit. No doubt I have missed a couple and will be picked up on it by the other TV Techs who may decide to answer this question but you get the idea don`t you !! Cheers Pete To be fair Adrian he did say with other circuitry . Cheers Pete
Q:Is this the correct way to wire this transformer?
Transformers consist of a primary and secondary winding. If you are certain of the AC input side (and the fact that they are black and white suggest you are) then the green and red wires are the secondary and would produce the 7.5kv AC output. Neither of these wires can be connected to ground as that would short the transformer and more than likely fry it,trip a circuit breaker , cause a fire or all three. Secondary windings with more than two connecting wires would indicate a transformer that can be tapped, which means that various voltages can be obtained depending on the combination of the output wires. 7.5 KV is a very dangerous output and if you are using the transformer outside of it's intended device, a fuse on one of the AC leads would be an absolute necessity.
Q:Transformers Toys!?
I need x-mas gifts for transformer toys! U R giving gifts to Transformers toys?, Just go to any Wal*Mart, Target, KB Toys store they have lots of Transformers toys. They have a lot of selection @ Toys R Us(2007 movie, Beast Wars, classic, Energon and more)
Q:Power transformer primary current and secondary current
Once refers to the power side, the second refers to the load side
Q:Engineers Question about Transformers?
In my area there are sometimes 3 or four transformers on a pole. This is a residential area though and a lot of the houses use electrical resistance heating. Looking at the transformers on the nearest pole I see see two wires output and a ground cable coming from each transformer. The transformer coming to my home is single phase 240 volt ( 120V on each hot line). The transformers are rated at 50 kva, so I'm assuming four 50 kva transformers was probably cheaper and more flexible than using one 200 kva transformer.
Q:How to calculate non - isolated power transformer parameters
T cycle, f frequency D minimum duty cycle Vout output voltage Vin input voltage Ton magnetizing time
Q:Taiwan, Taiwan, the concept of transformer
Transformer refers to equipment; Taiwan change is installed in a place of the transformer, is specifically installed, running a transformer; Taiwan area refers to the regional range of variable power supply. Metering point is for the two sides to determine the installation of electric energy meter position, in general, the measurement point should be set at the demarcation point of property rights.

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