JDCF-138GYW Phase Voltage Transformer

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Product Description:

Brief Introduction
JDCF-138GYW is a product which have 4 windings and oil insulation voltage transformer.The product conform to the follows national requirement:GB1207-1997 phase <voltage transformer>,GB7354-85<Transofrmer Measurement of Partial Discharge>,GB311.1.19 <Insulation Coordination of High Voltage Transformation>,the international electric stand IEC186 or IEC60044 phase <Voltage Transformer> .This type product is used for electric energy measurement and relay protection in 145KV power system.
1.2 Structural characteristics
This type of voltage product has a cascading insulation structure.Iron corn is the " "shape and overlying by silicon steel sheet.Two iron corn were supported by shelf which mad by low dielectric phonetic paper board.Four coil nest is in the two iron com,The coil reelwith balance winding.measuring secondary winding,protective secondary winding,residual voltage winding.The primary winding was made by unifilar enameled wire and have four class,The upper extreme(A extreme) is all insulation.The lower extreme(N extreme)joint to expansion equipment plinth by push ring.There are three oil mark(+45oC,+20oC,-25oC) beside the expansion equipment.The plinth support the whole product,the terminal of measuring secondary winding,protective secondary winding,residual voltage winding,primary winding bring out formthe plinth.The primary winding N extreme joint to the plinth by joint panel which will be convenient to the test and installation.

1.3 Product mark
the primary winding is A and N,the measuring secondary winding is 1a,1n.the proctive secondary winding is 2a,2n.the residual voltage winding is da,dn.

Type description

Operation condition
2.1 Am bient temperature:
maximum air temperature:+45oC
minimum air temperature:-25oC
maximum average air temperature:+30oC

2.2 altitude:≤3000m
2.3 minimum creepage distance:3520mm
2.4 atmosphere condition:have o serious pollution in atmosphere,the pollution grade is Ⅲ.
2.5 earthing manner:neutral point joint the earthing efficiently.

The rated value and requirement
3.1 the rated voltage
a.the maximum voltage:145kv
b.the rated primary voltage:138000/V
c.the rated voltage of measuring and protective winding:115/V
d.the rated voltage of residual voltage winding:115V
3.2 the rated frequency:50HZ
3.3 phase:single phase

Operation and maintenance
4.1 Before the installation,inspect the sealed place and welding.It has oil leakage and oil surface is normal,If not,it should oiling the same type oil.
4.2 The oil drawing is from the bottom and its electric intensity is not more than 50KV
4.3 The secondary should not open circuit in the product operation.
4.4 The product should veiled when it storage Before the operatio,it should not be sun or rain.The product shoue be packed.

No tesdge for ordering
a.type of product
b.the rated voltage of each winding
c.accuracy class and rated load

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Q:How do I identify this transformer?
If it is a mains transformer, then the primary and secondary windings will be on separate bobbin sections with an insulator between them. The higher resistance winding will be the primary (mains) winding, as it has more turns than the secondary and is made of thinner wire. (Resistance tests on a transformer are not generally very informative as most meters measure only the DC resistance, and transformers behave quite differently when supplied with AC.) The easiest way to find out what comes out of the secondary winding, is to apply power to the primary. That will give you the off-load voltage. To find out how much current you can safely draw, you will need to measure the temperature of the transformer under load. It's safe if it isn't too hot to touch the laminations (at the furthest point away from the mains terminals, obviously) with your bare hands.
Q:Transformer wire color codes?
Pin Number Wire Color Function 1 Not Used Not Used 2 Black Ground 3 Grey Right Positive 4 Grey/Black Right Negative 5 Blue/White Amplifier Remote 6 Red 12 Volt Switched 7 Yellow 12 Volt Constant 8 White Left Positive 9 White/Black Left Negative
Q:Transformer Transformer Principle
Transformers rely on two coils to transform. Principle is in the case of loss without loss according to the input power = output power, that is, P1 = U1 * I1 = U2 * I2 = P2 to change the pressure, specifically in high school physics textbooks, I now basically forget
Q:How and why are transformers used on electric wires?
Transformers are mainly used to step up or down of a voltage. For example, generators output are normally in the magnitude of 100 volts per phase or so for a 3 phase system. When the output is to be delivered to the users, sometimes, it could mean 100's of miles away. We all know loss will naturally occurs during the travel of the power. So it would be necessary to jack the voltage up to thousands of volt at the source and then at the substations local to the users return to the normal main voltage, such as 240 volt in UK and 110 voltages in USA. The process is done by transformers and can only be done by AC (not DC) system by making use of the turns ratio of the Input/Output of the transformers. Transformers carry power and sometimes the insulations between wires in the coils breakdown which in turn causes transformers to breakdown.
Q:Load Loss of Transformer?
I'm guessing load loss is the same as copper loss, which is due to the resistance of the wire in the transformer. This loss is (I^2)(R wire) so the answer is c) 25 KW The current is 50% at 50% load, I^2 0.25

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