Mining Flameproof Dry-Type Transformer KBSG9

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Product Description:

1.Product description
KBSG9 series mining flameproof dry-type transformersuit for not only mines filled with firedamp mixed gas, grime and explosive gas, but also the gas and steam environment that can not erode metal or destroy insulation. the transformer has the merit of high strength, low temperature rise, good cooling and waterproof property, and easy maintenance.

2.Functional characteristics
Functional characteristics
1.The KBSG9-50-1600/10(6) mining flameproof of dry type transformer conforms to GB82862005 the requirement of “mining flame proof movable substations”, its no load, load loss is 10% less than original standard the no-load current short-circuit impedance has diminished too. 2.The insulation material adopt the H level or the C level insulation material, the thermal is good, it is suit for long time operation 3.3 Phases,50Hz,ANAN 4.High strength, low temperature rise, good cooling and waterproof propert, and easy maintenance.

Service conditions
1.The installation is not higher than 1000m(normal)special environment gives explanation in addition
2.Ambient temperature
Highest temperature: 40˚C
Maximum monthly average temperature: 30˚C
Maximum annual temperature: 20˚C
Lowest temperature: -5˚C
3.The surrounding air relative humidity is not greater than 95%(25˚C)
4.In the mine,with methane, dust explosion danger is well
5.No vibration the gradient is less than 15˚C
6.No gas or steam to corrode metal needed or destroy insulation
7.Non-water drop sit
8.Power supply voltage profile approximate to a sine wave
9.The three-phase supply voltage approximate symmetrical

Scope of application
Mine filled with fire damp mixed gas, grime and explosive gas; the gas and steam environment that can not erode metal or destroy insulation
6KV Mining Flameproof Dry-Type Transformer Technical Specification(KBSG9)

Rated capacity(kVA)Voltage schedule(kV)Vector groupShort circuit impedance(%)Consumption(W)No-load current(%)Weight(kg)Outline dimension(mm±10%)

Rated capacity(kVA)Voltage schedule(kV)Vector groupShort circuit impedance(%)Consumption(W)No-load current(%)Weight(kg)Outline dimension(mm±10%)

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Q:how to start collecting transformers?
just okorder
Q:how does isolation transformer prevent a person from being electrocuted when touched the secondary?
An isolating transformer is any transformer with a double winding. That is it isolates the secondary from the primary galvanically. It would normally have an earthed interface.The primary will normally have one phase earthed at the main supply transformer. It simply creates a separate distribution system. It is basically for use on equipment that uses a chassis for a return path, but the equipment would be double insulated to protect the user from electric shock. If having an earthed phase is so dangerous, why do electricity company's have one? On ships, we did not have an earthed neutral, we generated 440 volt 3 phase. No neutal. The lighting was via 440- 230, 3 phase transformers still no neutral, earthed or otherwise. When legislation came in regarding use of power tools having to be max 55v to earth, we had to purchase 230/110 volt safety isolating transfomers and earth the centre tap of the transfomer to provide max 55 volt max fault voltage, phase to earth. Earth being the hull of the ship. Earthing is a very complicated subject. Rules and regulations regarding earthing change constantley. In the UK anyway. Try the site below.
Q:letting go Transformers?
Dont stop collecting
Q:What is the critical load of the economic operation of the transformer?
In order to increase the amount of active loss caused by the active loss of the system in the power system, a conversion factor is introduced, that is, the reactive power economic equivalent. Reactive power economic equivalent, is that the power system to send 1kvar reactive power, the power system will increase the number of active power loss kw, the symbol kq, unit kw / kvar. This kq value and the power system capacity, structure and calculation of the specific location and other factors. For the factory substation, reactive power economic equivalent kq = 0.02 ~ 0.15; Kq = 0.05 ~ 0.08; for the three or more transformer factory, take kq = 0.1 ~ 0.15 ~ 0.04; for the two-stage transformer factory, take kq = The
Q:Step up transformers to help increase output?
Transformers do NOT increase power, in fact they lose power through various means. A step-up transformer will increase the voltage at the expense of the current. Ignoring losses, the power out equals the power in, so if the input is 10 volts at 10 amps (100 watts) and the output is 100 volts, the current must be 1 amp to maintain the same power. What you propose is just a variation on an old idea for perpetual motion. I remember thinking of it myself as a child. You can't get more power out of a system than the power you put in. Thanks to the losses inherent in any practical system, you always get less out. It is similar to the idea of using the hydrogen and oxygen, which gets called HHO by the scammers and the gullible, to power an engine which drives the car and the alternator that recharges the battery to drive the electrolysis.etc. Same system but with even more losses built in. Read about the Laws of Thermodynamics.
I have already seen it. It has opened here is Australia several days ago. I am NOT a transformers fan and only knew some names because I knew kids who played with the dolls. I am NOT into the comic either. I can tell you now YOU DO NOT NEED to know any names. EVERYTHING you need to know is explained in the movie. But DO go and see it. It is an AWESOME movie. (It takes a lot in a movie to impress me - so that's a lot for me to say it is an awesome movie. Acting is not the best you'll ever see But over all - it's VERY VERY well done)
Q:Tube power transformer help?
You can probably draw a bit more from the 720 volt winding if you don't use some of the other windings. Also if you use SS rectifiers, you will get more DC voltage than normal, about 490-500 volts, so the extra drop you would get at higher current may be ok. Or you could use a choke input filter instead of a cap input to get about 350 volts, enough to operate KT88's, and get more current. Watch out for over heating. edit: Electrolytic caps would be a lot smaller than the ones you have. The two chokes in parallel could be used as a choke input filter. Exactly what voltage and current do you need?
Q:Are they planning a 3rd Transformers movie?
i don't know approximately Transformers, yet there have certainly been way extra suitable than purely 3 batman movies. Batman, Batman and Robin, Catwoman, Supergirl, Batman starts, and the dark Knight, just to call those i will think of of perfect away.
Q:Power Transformer help!?
Given: Primary Voltage (Vp) 25 Volts Primary current (Ip) 5 Amps Turns ratio 1 :4 Calculated: Secondary Voltage (Vs) (Vp)*(turns ratio) (25V)*(4) 100 Volts Secondary current (Is) (Ip)/(turns ratio) (5A)/(4) 1.25 Amps Why? Because the turns ratio steps up the Voltage by a factor of 4. The resistance connected to the secondary is reflected back into the primary at a value such that (Vp)*(Ip) (Vs)*(Is). (25V)*(5A) (100V)*(1.25A). In this example the load resistance was 100V/1.25A 80 Ohms. But this 80 Ohms is reflected back in to the primary as 25V/5 5 Ohms. If no losses a transformer's resistance ratio always equals the turns ratio squared. Thus in this example; (80 Ohms)/(5 Ohms) (4^2). The primary current is always determined by the secondary current which is determined by the load impedance. But in this example the primary current (5A) was given and it was necessary to use the turns ratio to calculate the necessary secondary current that determined the 5A primary current. Additional comment: Hang in there Dr Jim. I was unable to follow your explanations in this particular problem but I am sure that every thing is going to be all right in the long haul of things. After all there are other things in life besides transformers.
Q:Confused about the Transformers series! help?
If you want to watch the show that started the whole Transformers, Go on google and look for Transformers Generation 1. That will give you the original transformers cartoon to come out. You can google for a list of them or wiki it. But the List i Got Goes like this. #1. Transformers Generation 1 #2. Transformers: The Headmasters #3. Transformers: Super-God Masterforce #4. Transformers: Victory #5. Transformers: Zone After that starts the beast wars series of transformers then the New Age transformers such as armada,energon, and cybertron, and finally the current airing on cartoon network Transformers: The Animated Series. I personally enjoyed generations one the best, as i watched when i was younger but i hope that helps you out in your search or on what ever you wanted to know.

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