SC(B)H15 Type Amorphous Metal Dry-type Transformer

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Q:How to test a Current Transformer (CT) ? thanks in advance?
Q:How to find out scavenge transformer VA rating ?
Transformer Rating
Q:Are He-Man, Transformers and G.I. Joe still popular?
Yes. Transformers and G.I Joe is Still running through the Veins of this Generation, But He-Man is Kind of Not So Popular They Don't even Show He-man TV Show in channels, He-Mans drop was his costume that Gave him a Gay look. Transformers and G.I.Joe is still being watched, So there are more than 4k Fans
Q:About transformers, can any type of transformer lower voltage without simultaneously raising current??
For a perfectly efficient (100% efficiency) transformer, [Power before transforming] [Power after transforming] That is V1 I1 V2 I2 Therefore, it DOES up the current when lowering the voltage. However, for a transformer that is not 100% efficient: [Power before transforming] [efficiency in %age]/100) × [Power after transforming] Therefore, for a non-efficient transformer, it is theoretically possible to lower the voltage without upping current. For example for a 50% efficient transformer thet converts 220 V ac at 20A to 110 V: 220 × 20 (50/100) × 110 × x Solve for x: x 20A
Q:Need help designing a small transformer?!?
Transformers follow Ohm's Law and multiply or divide voltages based on the number of turns making each coil. You need only ensure your two coils have the appropriate number of windings. As for actual numbers for the windings, 1.5mA is an absolutely tiny amount of current, so you have considerable flexibility in this. If you are looking to build a transformer, you should look up the information on what you're planning to use for a core, to be able to calculate the voltage across the secondary coil.
Q:Step-down transformer?
I'm not going to do your homework for you, but here is how to set up the problem. Given: Input Voltage 120 V Input Current 0.350 A Turns Ratio 13:1 For an ideal transformer, VA(in) VA(out) Transformer turns ratio can be computed as V(in) ÷ V(out). Use algebra to solve for Output voltage. Output Voltage Input Voltage ÷ Turns Ratio The turns ratio can also be computed as I(out) ÷ I(in). Again, use algebra to solve for the outut current I(out) Output Current Input Current x Turns Ratio This is an AC power problem, so we have to either assume unity power factor, or label our power calculations as apparent power (VA). Apparent Power Voltage x Current As an ideal transformer, you can calculate the power on either the input or output side of the transformer. If you get different numbers, you did something wrong. Power V(in) x I(in) Power V(out) x I(out)
Q:Engineers Question about Transformers?
That is an excellent question. A single phase transformer is referred to as a split phase because it is center tapped. What that means is that the transformer as a whole is 240V with a wire tapping the coil in the center and grounded to create two separate 120V legs. The single phase transformer is essentially split into two pieces which is where the split phase terminology is derived. Three phase banks are three separate transformers working 120 degrees out of phase which is an ideal balanced setting for three phase commercial load. You can almost create true three phase using two transformers. The phase separation isn't ideal, but it does work when three phase service isn't available or a single phase service is needed in addition to a three phase service off the same bank of transformers. The term high leg is derived from the non-ideal phase orientation which creates a higher single phase voltage on one leg. BTW am I the only one tired of seeing one or two know it all people answer all the engineering questions even when they obviously haven't got a clue?
Q:2 Electrical Transformer Questions?
1. Transformers don't usually have plugs on them. 2. The word you want is solder. Tape will work, but it is sloppy.
Q:what is the difference between welding transformer and other power transformer.?
The power transformer is used for transformation of electrical power from one circuit to another but welding transformer is used for obtaining the very high current at secondary windind for melting the metals of different types for welding INZMAM SIDDIQUI
Q:Physics: Transformers Help?
The ratio of teh secondary to primary turns gives you the voltage multiplication on the secondary. Thus N 1000/100 10 So the secondary voltage is Vs Vp*N 120V *10 1200V The secondary current Is Vs/Rs 1200V/1000 Ohms 1.2 A Power in secondary Ps Vs*Is 1440 W Power in Primary has to be the same as secondary (or less due to losses) 1440 W Ip Pp/Vp 1440/120 12 Amps

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