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1.Product description
Product description 110KV oil immersed on-load regulation power transformer has a seires of big changes in material, technical and construction with the characters of small size, light weight, high efficiency with low loss and low noise, stable opable operation which cutting down large number of loss from energy GRID and minising operation charge, improving the industrial economic benefit, it is used in power plant, transformer substation, big-sized and chemistry factory and etc. the product is according to national and IEC standards. installation:outdoor ambient temperature: -30˚C-+40˚C Altitude: 1000m relative humidity: 90%(25C)

Rated capacity (kVA)Voltage combination and tap range (kV)Vector groupS9 seriesS10 seriesNo-load current (%)Short-circuit inpedance (%)
HVLVNo-load lossload lossNo-load lossload loss

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Q:transformers history?
The gods Primus and Unicron nearly destroy the universe fighting until Primus tricks Unicron by imprisoning them both in metal planetoids. Unicron becomes giant transforming world devourer and Primus becomes Cybertron, bringing to life the transformer race that will fight Unicron in his stead. The robots of Cybertron eventually begin civil war which go on for millions of years, the evil Decepticons vs the heroic Autobots. Unicron finds Cybertron, the Autobot leader destroys him with the Matrix, the transformers fulfill their destiny. Their war continues until Cybertron is nearly depleted so the planet is reformatted and the race adopt Maximal and Predacon castes. New wars begin until balance is struck and Cybertron becomes technorganic paradise
Q:The difference between the reflection impedance of the ideal transformer and the hollow core transformer is different.
The ideal transformer reflection impedance is the equivalent impedance of the load resistance equivalent to both ends of the primary coil, directly across the primary coil at both ends, in parallel with the primary circuit, and the nature of the reflection impedance and load impedance of the same nature.
Q:What is the meaning of the Y D11 on the transformer?
Yn d11 said: high side is a star-shaped wiring with a neutral point of the lead-out, low-side side of the triangle wiring. Using 11-point connection, that is, high-voltage side of the line voltage ahead of the low voltage side line voltage of 30 degrees.
Q:Where can I find a replacement power transformer for my crate gt80 guitar amplifier?
First, what you need to know is the secondary voltages of the transformer you wish to replace. A part number is nice, but tells you very little, unless you have a book on hand, and usually, these numbers are only for that product line (in house) part numbers. I can tell you where to go to find a power x-fmr. but will need to know: How many watts will said amplifire send to the speakers, how many wires come off of the secondary, and how big is it? If you can get a schematic drawing of your amplifire with power transformer output voltages, I can tell you exactly where to get a transformer from. Feel free to e-me. Why did it fail? Are you sure that the power transformer is bad? There may be other issues, here. I rarely see a transformer go bad under normal use. If the fuse blows, replace it with a 1/2 amp larger than it calls for. If it calls for a 2 amp fuse, try a 2.5 amp fuse. If it still blows, try a 3. if it still blows, you may have a short in the power output section of your amp. I don't normally recommend that higher fuse ratings should be used, but that is what I would do if I was working on it. You may find other issues besides the power transformer. If you have voltage going into (the primary) and no voltage on the secondary at all, then you might have a transformer that has a thermal cutoff unit that is hooked up in series with the primary windings protecting the transformer from over heating. This has been known to happen, and can be easily repaired, if you have the right tools, a soldering iron, and a lot of patience. I can walk you through it.
Q:electric motor 6v DC transformer?
Better stay away from your USB with motors of any sort. The on/off spike could take something out in the computer. If you care about the Router, try not to go much higher than 20 % above rated voltage. The current draw from a motor increases drastically as you double the voltage applied. Simple adapters have only a transformer, some diodes and maybe a capacitor. When trying a higher voltage, try to get a meter in the line to measure the current. If you exceed to rating for the adapter, expect smoke. Try adding a capacitor (say 1000 microfarad rated for 20 volts) [watch the polarity] to the leads coming out of your adaptor. Better quality direct current will make your motor run better. Simple adapters can be voltage controlled by the variable speed controls available for ceiling fans. Some can be controlled by regular light dimmers. Cheap adapters may be available from Radio Shack as returns where someone mashed the jack.
Q:Neon sign transformer?
You have 2 problems there. 1. Voltage; 2. Frequency. In this case, both are against you. NZ has 50Hz mains frequency at 240V. If you are really lucky, the transformer will have dual windings on the primary, or a 220/240V. tap. If you don't know what you are doing, consult an electrician or electronics tech. to have them check whether it is dual voltage, and change it. The frequency difference can mean a little less efficiency, the transformer may get a little warmer in operation. But it should be fine. You only other options are to replace the transformer (get one for dual voltages?), or use a 240/110V stepdown transformer ahead of it. The stepdown transformer must have a sufficient power rating for the job.
Q:Need simplified info on electric transformers?
$20 at most big electronics retailers, within 500 watts larger transformers can be up to $100 to 2000 watts.
Q:How does an Auto transformer work?
An auto transformer works like a regular transformer. It has one winding and therefore does not provide isolation, As a circuit it is an inductor with a fixed tap. If the applied voltage is across the outer terminals and the output taken from the tap than to one outer terminal it is a step down autotransformer. If the applied voltage is from the tap to an outer terminal with the output taken across the outer terminals then it is a step up auto transformer. You can get 240 volts from a 120 volt dual winding transformer by connecting the primaries in series and applying 120 volts to one winding and get 240 volts across both windings in series. Leave any secondaries unconnected. Remember this is not isolated so be careful as it is a shock hazard. If the output is zero then you need to reverse the connections to one winding. They must be connected so that the voltages add. The output current is the same as the normal primary current
Q:What is the reactive power compensation of the transformer?
Transformer reactive power compensation is to compensate for the transformer to form the power required by the electromagnetic field, the reason why called reactive power, because it is only exchanged, not consumed. Reactive and active in fact have the same physical properties, in the transmission and use of the process is not part of what is active, that part is reactive. But they are different, there must be other forms of power to be able to transform, no power is not needed.
Q:What is the role of the pebbles in the transformer base
Shandong Yi River Pebble Factory ---- Transformer dedicated pebble production suppliers.

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