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Q:800kw motor how much transformer
Power supply voltage is how much, the motor rated voltage is how much, 0.4KV or 6KV, or 10KV. It is the starting mode is the frequency or other, consider more factors, it is recommended to consult the motor manufacturers more reliable.
Q:The New Ipad or Asus Transformer 700 Infinity?
Lol I am having the same problem I think I might go for the iPad tho because I have heard a lot better reviews for it but it is more money and if it is the keyboard that u really want u can get one that connects over Bluetooth to the I pad
Q:How to open a transformer?
Are you looking for the connection cover or are you attempting to dis-assemble the transformer? Connection covers: There is usually 2 connection covers on transformers - Input and Output - not always marked. If this is actually a ballast (a special transformer) it often has only one cover and is likely sealed and tar/oil filled Dis-assembly: If you are attempting to dis-assemble the transformer, it is harder than it looks. Depending on the size, age, manufacturer, KVA, voltage, usage, etc of the transformer; some are sealed with a pitch, others are oil filled. As was stated in an earlier answer, they are built not to open/dis-assemble easily. A transformer consists of many steel plates sandwiched together with wire (Older is copper, newer may be copper clad aluminum) wound around them in specific patterns.
Q:Can someone explain transformers for me please?
A step UP transformer is used to boost the VOLTAGE, as by doing so the CURRENT is reduced by the same factor, e.g. boost voltage by 100 x, reduces current to 1/100th. By reducing current, power losses due to the transmission line RESISTANCE is very significantly reduced, especially in long run distances between consumers and the generating plant. The formula I^2*R is power, and the square of (say) 100A is 10,000, whereas if the current were reduced by 100 fold as above, the current becomes 1A., so you can see the difference! 1^2 1, versus 100^2 10,000. But the voltage is too high for consumer use, So a step DOWN transformer is used to change the voltage down to the required domestic voltage. The ratio of this transformer can easily be adjusted to allow for the minute power lost in the high voltage lines. The overall effect is very much less power lost in heating the connecting wires in the transmission lines, so much more power available to consumers.
Q:Flyback transformer usage?
A 'flyback' transformer won't do anything but blow the breaker if you plug it into the wall. They're designed to run at 15,750 Hz. and yes, they do couple a 'sawtooth' waveform out to the horizontal deflection coils of the 'yoke' around the base of the CRT which deflect the electron beam to produce an image. If you want some -great- sparks, go out on the 'net and look ou plans for a 'Tesla Coil'. I've built a couple of those that would draw an arc several inches long. And since they're very low-current (on the secondary side) they're quite safe to play with. HTH, Doug
Q:National Standard for Transformer Life
I can only give you in the transformer industry, we all agree that the argument: 1, before the transformer, the oil inside the transformer and air direct contact. As the transformer in the thermal expansion and contraction, the oil up and down fluctuations, we called the transformer in the breath, an increase of oil and air contact opportunities. The moisture enters the inside of the transformer. So that insulation is reduced. Under normal operation and maintenance, the transformer is guaranteed to have a life span of 20 years. 2, the current transformer, to take a fully sealed structure, oil pillow with sealed pocket, so that the transformer oil is not in direct contact with the air. Under normal operation and maintenance, the transformer life is 30 years
Q:Need simplified info on electric transformers?
$20 at most big electronics retailers, within 500 watts larger transformers can be up to $100 to 2000 watts.
Q:Why was Transformers 2 so so soo much worse than Transformers 1 in 2007, what happened?
Hollywood EF'ed up the first one to make the second one
Q:transformers - physics!!!!! HELP?
Preliminary necessary comments. (i) This question - and consequently my answer - assumes that we have a perfect transformer: such a transformer will have an efficiency of 100 %. (If this was not a perfect transformer, then a great deal more data about the transformer would need to be supplied: it isn't). Hence, because the efficiency of the transformer in this question is less than 100%, that must be because a secondary current is flowing in the load, the details of which we do not know - or indeed need to know. (ii) Transformers are rated in terms of their product of volts and amps: called VA. They are NOT rated in terms of watts, since the manufacturer cannot assume that the load on the transformer secondary will have a unity power factor. (iii) When a transformer supplies current to a load, its on-load efficiency is the ratio of (VA)out to (VA)in. (VA)in primary VA; (VA)out secondary VA. Solution. Let the primary current Ip; let the secondary current Is. Let the primary voltage Vp; let the secondary voltage Vs. Let the efficiency n. Then we have: (VA)in Ip X Vp Ip X 17.7 (VA)out Is X Vs Is X 120. (VA)out n X (VA)in. so: Is X 120 0.92 X Ip X 17.7 i.e.: Is/Ip (0.92 X 17.7)/120 0.138/1 ► Hence, the secondary current is 0.138 that of the primary current. HTH, Skywave.
Q:how to get exact output voltage from step down transformer?
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