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Q:Help on physics-transformers?
It transforms voltage and current from the values that exist at the primary to the values that exist at the secondary. 2. It steps up voltage. 3. Ideally, the input and output power would be the same, that is the product of voltage and current would be the same even though the voltages and currents are different. I practical transformers there is resistance in the wire and energy loss in the core so that the output power is slightly less than the input power. The difference appears as heat in the transformer.
Q:Transformer Uk = 4.5% What does it mean?
Uk represents the transformer impedance voltage, refers to the transformer short-circuit impedance voltage. The impedance of the transformer (now the standard is called: "short-circuit impedance") standard value with a percentage (per unit value) to represent. General small distribution transformer standard value of 4% or 4.5%.
Q:Transformers Question!!!!!!!!!!?
I'm going to answer your question with a question: Did your parents drop you on your head when you were a kid?
Q:Transformer if the boost and buck current will change?
Completely correct transformer output power = input power x efficiency, However, this refers to the rated voltage and rated current The actual output current of the transformer is determined by the load.
Q:A question about low frequency transformers ?
The higher the switching frequency, the smaller you can make the transformer without the metal core saturating.
Q:Will there be a transformers 3?
i think no coz of the fight between megan and the director of thr movie he said he is tired of her already and is not planning to do the next one , unless somebody else direct it
Q:Transformer Ratio Question?
Transformer ratio (number of windings on secondary) / (number of windings on primary) Transformer ratio 350 / 7000 1/20 And Transformer ratio (secondary voltage) / (primary voltage) 1/20 63 / (primary voltage) Primary voltage 20 * 63 1260 volts if a load of 100 ohms is connected to the secondary winding what is the primary current, ignoring V I * R 63 I * 100 Secondary current 0.63 amps Ignoring resistive and reactive losses in the transformer, the power coming out of the transformer is equal to the power coming into the transformer. Power Voltage * Current Secondary voltage * Secondary current Primary voltage * Primary current 63 * 0.63 1260 * Primary current Primary current 63 * 0.63 ÷ 1260 0.0315 amps
Q:what's a tv transformer?
Unless the someone was an experienced TV Tech you can take his ( or her ) diagnosis with a very large pinch of salt ! To answer your basic question though what is a Tv transformer ? I will list a few transformers that can be found in a TV set.! Mains AC transformer already described by TV Guy ! Sound IF transformers ( 2 or 3 ) Vision IF transformers Power supply switching transformer ! Line drive transformer . Flyback Transformer A couple or so in the tuner unit. No doubt I have missed a couple and will be picked up on it by the other TV Techs who may decide to answer this question but you get the idea don`t you !! Cheers Pete To be fair Adrian he did say with other circuitry . Cheers Pete
Q:National Standard for Transformer Life
3, this life is in the case of rated operation (rated capacity to run). How much time is the transformer running? So in normal circumstances, this 20 or 30 years is fully able to do. 4, now, how many transformers are life and scrapped? Often the life cycle has not arrived, the transformer is eliminated. The reason is: 1) economic development is too fast, the transformer to increase the capacity, and to replace the transformer. 2) Transformer technology development fast, power transformer almost every 3-5 years out of a new product, the loss is also constantly in the drop. For these reasons, the transformer is less than 20-30 years to be updated. So no one is very concerned about this life. Guidance of the national standard for you - Guidance on the load of oil - immersed power transformers GBT 15164-1994. Transformer machinery industry standard GB / T 17468-1998 "power transformer selection guide" in Article 8 transformer thermal aging rate and life of the "transformer life is generally 20 years."
Q:Question about Transformers comics?
transformers are crap why do you read them?!?!?!?!?!?!

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