SZ9-1600-20000/33KV Three Phase Oil Immersed On-load Tap Power Transformer

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SZ9-1600-20000/33KV three phase oil immersed on-load tap power transformer is suitable for distribution syatem with 35KV,50HZ electyric power confirms to GB1094<power transformer>standard.

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Q:How to check watts of a voltage transformer?
P over IXE Ppower in watts IIntensity in amperage Eenergy in volts voltage times amperage will give you wattage
Q:Transformer and the middle of what is the difference
Often referred to as the transformer is the frequency transformer, is used to change the size of the AC voltage electrical equipment. It is based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, with the same frequency, between two or more windings, the exchange of AC voltage and current to transmit electrical energy of the static electrical equipment.
Q:Transformers 2 disappointment?
There was actually more comedy in this one than the last one. There was more action in this one to make up for the last one which didn't have as much as this one did. This movie also brought more enemys in it. All in all it was better than the first one because there was more of every thing present in the last one.
Q:Flyback transformer usage?
A 'flyback' transformer won't do anything but blow the breaker if you plug it into the wall. They're designed to run at 15,750 Hz. and yes, they do couple a 'sawtooth' waveform out to the horizontal deflection coils of the 'yoke' around the base of the CRT which deflect the electron beam to produce an image. If you want some -great- sparks, go out on the 'net and look ou plans for a 'Tesla Coil'. I've built a couple of those that would draw an arc several inches long. And since they're very low-current (on the secondary side) they're quite safe to play with. HTH, Doug
Q:Is there a fourth Transformers?
I've heard that there's a 4th, but Shia's jumped ship. I've heard Jason Statham linked to the franchise. I like the Stath, but I just can't see it working.
Q:polyphase transformer?
1. The transformers at both ends of the transmission line are normally connected wye with the neutral grounded. This is done to provide a 'zero sequence source' for two reasons a. to provide source of ground fault current to a fault on the transmission line to permit that fault to be detected. b. to constrain the elevation of voltage on the healthy phases of the transmission line in the event of a ground fault In order for that wye connection to work, it is usually necessary that the transformer also contain a delta winding. 2. The voltage should be the rated line-to-line voltage of the winding. 3. The line-to-neutral voltage is equal to the line-to-line voltage divided by the square root of three. I don't understand what you mean by 'percentage of the line voltages'.
Q:What does Transformer Outage means? Pls help?
Means that someones going without any electicity tonight. A Transformer changes voltage. As in, The Thermostat in most homes workes off 24 volts. A Transformer will take 120 volts and drop it down to 24.
Q:Why there are no 4 phase transformers?
Off the top of my head, we use 3-phase AC because you can make electric motors that go efficiently in one direction with no commutators or tricks with phasing. That would work with any number of phases greater than 2, but at increased complexity in wiring and rotor/stator construction, so there's no point.
Q:transformers ending?
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Q:Circuit design of Flyback transformer driver.?
submit a schematic and a few concepts on the transformer. Circuits with transformers continuously have some inductive power that could desire to be dissipated whilst the transistor(s) turn off. this could reason extreme voltage spikes which could unquestionably injury a transistor (whether the case isn't warm). you may desire to guard in comparison. A 2N3055 is an quite sluggish gadget and not very proper for top velocity switching.

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