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What are the types of pressure gauges? What is the principle of each? Who has other information about industrial hardware? Give it to me -- thank you
The oil pressure gauge can damp the shock absorption and avoid the interference of the pointer.
What are the problems with the pressure meter?What are the good solutions to these problems in the pressure gauge?
Summarize the common faults and causes the pressure gauge, in the operation of only the exchange, because of different brands and types of pressure gauges were different. Personal recommendation if there is a problem of replacement or return to the supplier, procurement of new products, and send check calibration analysis as follows:A pressure gauge without indication. Reason: 1, pressure pipe on the cut off valve does not open; 2, pipe plug; 3, spring tube joint too much dirt siltation and plug; 4, spring tube cracking; 5, the center gear and fan tooth wear too much, and is not engaged.Two, pointer shaking large. Reasons: 1, the pressure of the medium to be tested; 2, pressure gauge installation position of vibration
Where is the pressure gauge checked?
The local quality and Technical Supervision Bureau's Institute of measurement and measurement.
What do you think of the pressure gauge for portable pressure storage ABC dry powder extinguisher?
The pointer is qualified in the green area. The red area indicates that the pressure is low and it needs stamping
How do you recognize the pressure gauge?
To recognize the pressure gauge units, the general units are Mpa, mbar, bar, PA, and so on. Then see where the pointer points.
There is no pressure gauge in the process of adding fluorine to the air conditioner
Methods: fluoride 1. will be the first operation of air conditioning in the cooling mode, the fluoride mouth with Freon tank on one end of the tube with fluorine and fluoride, the other end tube (with fluoride thimble tube), installed in the low-voltage end of outdoor unit of air conditioner (suction tube) fluoride mouth. 2., open Freon tank plus fluorine valve on the mouth, can directly add fluorine to the air conditioning, fluorine amount of how much, should refer to the air conditioning nameplate marked "fluoride charge" for fluorine. Quantitative filling with scale. After the fluorine is finished, turn off the valve on the Freon tank and the fluorine nozzle, and let the air conditioner continue to operate. To observe the effect of air conditioning refrigeration, such as air conditioning to achieve normal cooling effect, low end remove outdoor machine (suction) plus fluoride mouth of fluoridation pipe, tighten the cap, and the mouth of the air conditioning fluoride can be used normally
What is the thread diameter of the pressure gauge 10cm?
Look, are you a pipe or a straight thread?.
How to determine the accuracy level of a pressure gauge?
Under the dial of the pressure gauge, there is a level of accuracy corresponding to the current table. The common grades are 0.4, 1, 1.6, and 2.5.You can check the pressure gauge standards manual according to the type.You can send the pressure gauge to the third party inspection unit for inspection, and a grade report will be made according to the corresponding data.