Voltage stabilizer

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  • Usage: regulator

  • Phase: Single Phase

  • Current Type: AC

  • black: black  


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inner color box and outer export standard box

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The product is the leading select of chip by our company, using the computer digitization procedure to control the functional movement of the entire machine. It improves many shortcomings of the formerly simulated voltage stabilizer and made the quality of the products to be more reliable, the performance to be more stable, the function to be more formidable.

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Q:What is the DC load power supply load characteristic curve, how to measure
1. DC power supply load characteristics of the curve, that is, the relationship between the output voltage and load resistance curve (the greater the resistance the higher the output voltage). 2. It is determined by the output resistance of the power supply itself.
Q:Can DC power supply be used as a charger for lithium batteries?
Can not be directly as a lithium battery charger. Lithium-ion battery on the charger requirements are higher, in the initial charge should be in accordance with the constant current charging mode, theoretically the smaller the charging current the better the battery, but it takes too long is not practical, China's national standard low-rate charge Is 0.2C (C is battery capacity). Battery voltage with the charging process gradually increased, when the battery voltage reaches 4.2V, you need to change the constant current charge for constant voltage charging. With the constant charge charging process continues to reduce the charging current gradually, when reduced to 0.01C, that charge termination. As the lithium-ion battery nominal voltage of 3.7V, charge cut-off voltage of 4.2V, there are significant differences, so the use of fixed voltage regulator power supply can not be constant current charging, must start the current is too large, or the back of the current is too small. If the voltage regulator of the voltage regulator is low, although the starting current is not large, but there will be full of dissatisfaction; if the tune is higher, the initial stage of charge due to the battery voltage is too low, the pressure difference is too large Charging current Excessive shortcomings, greatly shorten the battery life; if the output voltage accuracy is poor, the voltage exceeds the upper limit of 4.2V, will occur overcharge, serious damage to the battery. In addition, the regular charger is also equipped with: the temperature control during charging; LED charging status indication; battery abnormal state detection and other additional circuit functions. So the DC power supply must be through a dedicated constant voltage, constant current control circuit to charge the lithium battery.
Q:Why is the power supply in front of two capacitors, behind the two capacitors?
I looked at you this figure is a regulator circuit (positive), I learned this time, or in six years ago, and simple to analyze with you.     Rectifier circuit came, we see a relatively large capacitor, generally have thousands of micro-hair, but also electrolytic capacitors (with positive and negative points of the points). The role of this capacitor, we like to say that the rectifier, it is also known as rectifier capacitor, so that the DC point is more smooth, as to how to make it smooth, this is the working principle of the capacitor (charge and discharge).     Next, we can see, in the three-terminal regulator before and after a relatively small capacitor, but also the dielectric capacitor (no positive and negative points). His main role is to consider waves and protection. The most important thing is protection.     The last capacitor, which is a point to solve the capacitor, the main role is to regulate the voltage, we also known as the output capacitor.     Well, on the analysis so much, if you want to speak, the basic knowledge involved more. Learn electronics and electrical engineering, basic knowledge is really important, we must work on the components of the basic circuit, to be very familiar with, so as to make you in the future study do not feel difficult. Refueling
Q:Power supply 4.5v can drive 3.6v lithium battery
Can charge. But to the late to be careful, do not overcharge.
Q:DC power supply which parts of the composition of the various parts of the role of what?
Stabilized voltage supply is the English name of the power supply, which is a load device can provide a stable AC power supply or DC power supply of electronic devices, thus we know that the two major power supply voltage regulator is AC power supply with DC Power Supply. Among them, the DC power supply refers to the load device can provide a DC power supply of an electronic device.
Q:Electrical Engineering! Why can not directly use a multimeter to measure the power supply of the exchange of ripple?
In general, multimeter AC can only measure the pure AC voltage. The output voltage of the regulated power supply is equivalent to the DC voltage + ripple voltage, and the multimeter exchange file can not be measured normally In addition, the ripple voltage is not necessarily a sine wave voltage, the regulated power supply itself or by external interference will produce complex ripple voltage, and the general multimeter AC voltage file is measured the average AC voltage. The ripple voltage is not a pure sine wave when the multimeter can not be accurately measured From the other side, the general linear power supply can only guarantee the output voltage in the lower frequency range of stability, and for more than tens of kHz ripple rejection is very limited. That is ripple voltage frequency is generally high, may have exceeded the multimeter AC file frequency response range, this time the multimeter is still unable to correctly measure
Q:I would like to ask: DC power supply when the ground terminal when used? how to use?
Ground (PE): not used for working circuits, only as a protection line. The use of the absolute zero voltage of the earth, when the equipment shell leakage, the current will quickly flow into the earth, even if the PE line has an open circuit, will also flow from the nearby ground into the earth   And then better, if it is a metal shell, to prevent electric shock; also can provide electrostatic discharge circuit   Connection: received three-core power supply on the ground, if there is buried copper pillars, then better in the above, because more pure
Q:What is the main purpose of DC power supply?
DC power supply Mainly used in the research unit, the laboratory as an adjustable power supply or production line as a product life test fixed power supply, it is the best choice, it has a perfect protection line, better meet the user simple and convenient use of demand The Compared with the switching power supply, it has high precision, low ripple, no high-frequency radiation interference, the advantages of wide occasions.
Q:In the use and installation of the regulator, what should be noted
Second, the security matters ⒈ power supply in the power supply start, do not arbitrarily open the regulator power supply or pull the power supply input and output connections to prevent electric shock or other electrical safety accidents. ⒉ power supply input and output power supply must be arranged reasonable to prevent trampling worn, resulting in leakage accident. ⒊ power supply must be reliable grounding, due to non-ground wire operation caused by electric shock or human injury, by the user responsible for their own. ⒋ power supply can not be connected to the power line in the heating pipes, water pipes, gas pipelines and other public facilities, so as not to infringe the rights of third parties or cause harm. ⒌ should regularly check the power supply input and output connection, so as to avoid loose or fall off, thus affecting the normal use of power supply and safe power. ⒍ voltage regulator cable matching must meet the provisions of the current capacity to carry enough capacity of the cable. ⒎. Regulator should be gently, in the work of time to avoid severe vibration; ⒏, to ensure that the regulator of the carbon brush spring has enough pressure to avoid the carbon brush and coil contact surface flash; ⒐, non-professionals please do not open the regulator power supply or power supply for maintenance.
Q:Why does DC power supply trip every time? Can you explain the specific reasons?
It depends on what kind of circumstances the trip, the device did not open the jump, or equipment jumped. Equipment, how to open on the jump, indicating a problem with the regulator. If it is a device to open the jump, which shows that you have overload phenomenon. Regulator power you can not count too full, that is, 10KW, up to only 8.5KW.
We positively introduces and nimbly utilizes the domestic as well as foreign advanced managerial experience and the specialized technology. We contributes to the technical R&D department which has become mature and perfect day by day.We have got ISO9001: 2000 international quality systems authentication.

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Location Zhejiang,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2005
Annual Output Value US$5 Million - US$10 Million
Main Markets South America; Eastern Europe; Southeast Asia; Africa; Oceania; Mid East; Eastern Asia; Western Europe; South Asia; Domestic Market
Company Certifications CQC Certificate; CE Certificate

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