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Material : Ductile iron Quick adaptor 

Size : DN40-DN400

Pressure : PN10-16

Rubber : EPDM/NBR

Standard : EN545 AS2129 


Quick adaptor : 

Size : DN40 - DN400

Quick adaptor is used in PVC/PE pipe. It has a gasket and a restained brass rings(alternative) .When you put the pipe in the adaptor body and fasten the bolts, the brass ring will fasten the pipe to avoid it pull out.

The body is made by ductile iron material

The gasket is EPDM and suitable for drink water or NBR for GAS

The body can Resin coated with 150 um .

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Q:Is my new phone locked to this network?
NOOOOOOO!!!!!!! only use gas pipe. black pipe or copper in some instances
Q:Is there aerosol in fire extinguishers?
There are two specialty types of waste and overflows for your situation. You need either a side outlet or a heal outlet waste and overflow. These waste and overflows are specifically made for floor joist obstruction such as yours. They can be purchased at a plumbing supply store. You need an overflow for safety and it also provides air for drainage. The P trap is to be installed directly under the waste assembly. Talk to salesman at plumbing supply store and the will assist you in transition fittings from old drain to new assembly.
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It sounds like it's just the copper of the pipes oxidizing. You know how the Statue of Liberty is green? It's made out of copper. Nothing to worry about.
Q:How do I safely remove my smoke detector?
I understand the need for the cables. It is not for use to determine that it is overkill when you have not stated a thing about the use. Presumably you don't want to create work for yourself. Rules vary between jurisdictions, but there are some general principals: 1) Holes should be no more than 25% of the joist diameter, and obviously smaller is better. 2) Multiple holes are fine but must be separated by at least three hole diameters. 3) Wiring running along joists must be clipped in place every 200mm or so. 4) Holes should be towards the _end_ of a span - this is often got the wrong way around online. Stresses are greatest at the center of the spam since that is where the most flexing takes place. Avoid the centre third of the span as a result. 5) Holes should not be within 1 1/8 of the top of a joist to reduce the chance of a nail piercing the cable. This is not strictly a rule for computer cables (it is for power) but you are still best paying attention to it. Personally, if it was me doing this my default approach barring any site-specific difficulties would be a sequence of 16mm holes on say 100mm spacing. You'll be able too get three leads through each hole. Resist the temptation to jam more wires through each hole - the leads should pass through freely to avoid burning where the insulation is damaged by the wires rubbing against each other inside the hole.
Q:why we are using circular pipes instead of rectangular pipe ?
Dear And Manisha, if you insist upon asking serious questions, remember that a few good jolts from a peace officer’s tazor should bring you around to your senses. Please, check your spelling and throw some slang into the mix so you don’t offend any of the egos lurking, waiting to give you the smack-down with crass, thoughtless one-liners. Thank you Manisha, and have a great day! Zach
Q:The gas cooker joint is pagoda shaped. Can it fall down and connect with bellows joint directly?
The gas stove is now generally provides two kinds of interface for the user free choice, Green joint (the joint) can be connected with a rubber tube or stainless steel corrugated pipe gas stove (socket), Green joint is a movable connection, threaded interface is the 1/2 Green joint off, can be connected with stainless steel bellows tube (screw type stove).The only way to provide Green joint connections is small manufacturers of products.The water heater is also the joint of 1/2, but our usual method is to connect a gas with 1/2 live copper ball valve, and then connect the non fixed stainless steel bellows to the gas.Stainless steel bellows, pipe (thread), one end is 4 points (1/2) interface, and the other end is 3 points of the interface. 3 points, one end of the interface used to connect 4 and 3 points gas valve (one thread 4 points, the other end of thread 3 points).In order to avoid water and mix with water hose or ball valve with stainless steel bellows, gas 4, 3 points 4, 3 ball valve and gas stove pipe branch of stainless steel corrugated 3 points at one end of the thread and the water with the product of 3/8 thread is different, can not connect to each other.Stainless steel bellows, water products and gas products, testing items and standards are not the same, do not use water products instead of gas products, it is also not suitable for small manufacturers of incomplete production of gas products
Q:Poll: Have you ever worn a pair of safety goggles and laughed when you looked at yourself in a mirror?
i can't give you a dollar amount but you have issues. from what you say i would consider taking everything out from the meter to the house and doing the sewer lines too. is it a slab foundation or peer and beam? too broad to answer 3500.00 to 5 K depending on this and that. and that's just a guess. not good, that's fer sure. GL to you. jim,
Q:I applied Black Jack fibered roof coating a couple of days ago and it is blistering. What now?
Yes, the pipe threads are the same However - The 40 80 refer to what water pressure the pipes and fittings are designed to handle - 40 psi 80 psi. That's why the pipe wall on sch 80 is thicker. Mixing the two is a bad idea. You'll either waste money buying heavy-duty sch 80 for a system that stays within the 40 psi limit of of the lighter pipe, or you'll waste money and time replacing the lighter parts when they blow out at the higher pressure.
Q:What is the best thing to do if your house is on fire while you were naked with your clothes out of sight?
rubber cement of course. but, you need to prepare your surfaces. wash with soapy water, rinse and dry completely. now rough up the area to be glued with sandpaper or a little grater(often included with the glue). you should probably stretch your rubber if it will be normally stretched.
Q:Officailly repromanded for calling 911 for fire alarm.?
My three year old does the same thing. We let her run around the house naked when it is just us at home, and we let her know when we are outside of the house she has to have clothes on. Also, she likes to wear just tshirts and panties around the house, so that is better than nothing. Let her pick out her own clothes and maybe that will help!
We are a manufacturer and trading group specializes in the export of metal products. It mainly deals with various of ferrous metal & nonferrous metal castings and forgings, our main products covering water valves and fittings, power line fittings,fire-fighting equipments, motor & pump part, automotive & machine parts,.etc.

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