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Product Description:

■ gG NH/NT Fuse-links
NH Protection

1. Product Description:

Is a non resettable disposable thermal protection device, low melting point alloy type RH, RF, RS series and organic chemistry type ry series, (such as electric fan, a motor, a transformer, electric cooker, the electric frying pan, disinfection cabinet, electric heating thermos, etc.). Fuse the temperature fuse in the equipment line, when the equipment does not work properly and lead to the temperature rise to set the protection value, the temperature fuse action to cut off the circuit, to prevent the safety accident.


2. Product Characteristic:

The product has a compact structure, good sealing performance, high sensitivity and reliability of action, low impact of electric current and vibration resistance, which is mainly used in the thermal protection of household appliances and industrial equipment.



Rated voltage:500V/690V AC   Rated breaking capacity:100kA
Standard specifications:IEC60269-2-1 EN60269-2-1 NFC63-210 UNE21.103 Class:gG-gL



With indicator

With striker


Order NO.


Order NO.


NH3/NT3 Fuse Link



2250 315

2150 315



2250 355

2150 355


2250 400

2150 400


2250 425

2150 425


2250 250

2150 250


2250 600

2150 600


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Q:What is the self-recovery fuse:
Since the fuse can only limit the short circuit current, can not really break the circuit. The advantage is that you do not have to change the melt and can reuse it.
Q:Fuse letter of the fuse
GL (DIN VDE) / gG (IEC) full range of cable and wire protection
Q:Fuses should be repaired with the power distribution unit at the same time:
Check the appearance of the fuse (remove the fuse tube) with or without damage, deformation, porcelain pieces with or without flashing mark
Q:Fuse fuse all the reasons
In addition, the screw is not tightened when the fuse is installed, or fuse damage can also cause fuse blown.
Q:Fuse fuse is what material
the melting point of the low melting point, because of its high resistivity, so the melt made of larger cross-sectional size
Q:What is the working principle of the fuse
Fuse is based on the current exceeds the specified value after a certain time
Q:Why does the fuse fail when the electric shock is electric
The electric current of the electric shock is very small. 0.01A-0.1A can be fatal. So the fuse will not blow
Q:Broken speed, which can be divided into?
Japanese regulatory fuse (PSE).
Q:What is the melt of the fuse?
Melt is often filamentous, flaky and grid-like, is the main component of the fuse, according to the size of the thermal inertia of the melt can be divided into non-thermal inertia of the melt, hot inertia of the melt and small thermal inertia Melt.
Q:Is the home fuse fine fine or thick?
I suggest you use a 30A air switch, this can reduce a lot of trouble The

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