RT18 Series cylinder cap fuse

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It is applicable distributing equipment in industrial electrical installation of AC 50Hz(or 60HZ), rated voltage AC400V, with rated current 63A and below, used for the function of the protection against overload or short circuit.

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Q:Is it possible to remove the service engine light completely, and is there a fuse that will do this?
I suspect you're on the right track - it sounds as though a prior owner has removed the bulb.
Q:Where is fuse for power locks on nissan maxima 2000 GLE.?
look for power socket or cigar lighter in the fuse box under the cover above the hood release on the back of that cover is a list of what each fuse does. And in your owners hand book starting on secton / page 8/21 to 8/22 tell you what to look for. Page 8/21 details the under hood fuses. Mostly red 10 amp and blue 15 amp fuses power those circuits. there are three spair fuses in the box marked spair you can use one of those until you get more. More often than not it is a bad cell phone charger in the power socket
Q:Automotive fuse boxes?
Gandalf waves his wand and magic happens? Of COURSE there's a wire, you NOOB! If you want a diagram of the electrical system in your car then go buy a service/repair manual for your car. They have wiring diagrams in them.
Q:Can I use a 1.5 fuse instead of 1.6 on a circuit board?
I assume that you've already blown the 1.6 amp fuse. Have you found the cause? Although putting a smaller rated fast fuse in it's place is normally OK for the short time it takes to find the correct size, electronics are very precise in amperage. I wouldn't use the 1.5 fast or the 1.6 slow in place of the 1.6 fast. You're taking a risk that is not necessary if this is an expensive piece of equipment. Wait and find the correct one.
Q:NEED Help with this one lads and ladies please, jump leads connected wrong on my car! 10 points given to best!?
Most of the time Diesels have a box on the top of the battery which has 3 - 5 fuses in. These are the fuses that Deal with the charging voltage and protect the electrical part of the engine. Look at these and check they are ok. Then try to start the car with a new (Borrow same size battery, or buy one) and look to see if the battery light stays on if not, then that alternator should be ok.
Q:where can i find a diagram of the electrical wires on a 1997 jeep grand cherokee laredo?
SUV's in general don't have the best gas mileage but some do better then most others. I am taking a guess based on my old 97 Cherokee is any where from 15 to 20. give or take a few depending on what you have done to the engine, up grade? or rough ridding on the engine? mileage on the engine?. Hills or stop and go traffic kill the fuel too.
Q:Broken T.v?
Its got a short circuit. u only got to change a little piece in the tv.
Q:why dose this fuse keep blowing in my car?
Sounds like you have a bad ground wire in that harness. A bag ground requires more positive power draw (through the fuse and electrical componet) to jump the bad connection on the other ground side. It will only get worse as the jump sparking increases on the grounding side of the component. You need someone to go through and OHM out all of your ground connections in that area.
Q:How much current for a 10 HP motor at 480v?
10hp Motor
Q:Would it be safe to put 4A fuses in an audio receiver that takes 2A fuses?
The older gentleman is correct. You can use 4A fuses, but if one of your speakers (or wires) shorts out, that action might destroy the amp instead of blowing that fuse. No, you will not get more power out of it, but make sure that the unit has enough ventilation to properly breath so it doesn't get too hot during operation.

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