Multi range timer 5A

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Q:How can I switch the power supply at the set time?
With the goods have detailed instructions For a drinking fountain set Monday to Friday as early as 8 o'clock to 11 o'clock and Monday to Friday 13 pm to 17 points of the two time to open the steps: ★, proof of the current moment, while pressing the "clock" and "hour" to adjust the hour of the clock display, press an increase of one hour, long press can be quickly adjusted, using the same method, you can set the current week, minutes. ★, first press the "mode" button, the working mode from the "off" to "automatic" mode (the display shows the lower part of the automatic words).
Q:Frequent air conditioning switch and a long time to keep the temperature which charges?
Keep the price of electricity for a long time Because the regular temperature, And the frequency of it is with the temperature changes, so when the temperature is low, he is energy-saving state
Q:Water heater for a short time do not have to switch off 15?
Do not have to turn off the best. Insulation is also a waste of electricity. Saving is virtue!
Q:Use a trigger button switch and a time relay how to implement when the trigger switch is pressed
According to my understanding, is not click on the switch, the device runs automatically after the set time? Or that is not the same as some of the corridor touch switch, click, light, delay a certain time, automatically extinguished?
Q:Zhuo Bang microcomputer control switch tuning time how to tune
Time control switch settings are relatively simple, Such as setting the load for an open time 18:00, The time is 05:00
Q:Relay, time relay, air switch, leakage switch, air with leakage, circuit breakers ,,, how to understand and distinguish between ah?
The relay is generally used as an auxiliary control loop; Time relay for delay or timing, the relay provides contact opening and closing; Air switch for the need to see the rated current, breaking short-circuit current. With the ability to break short-circuit current called circuit breaker; Leakage switch and air leakage switch the same (air as extinguished arc medium), with leakage protection.
Q:Switching power supply generally how much time is normal
The initial trial production can be 24 hours of aging, and take 10% of which for a long time aging (at least half a month) to ensure quality. Into the first five batches of 100% load aging 40 minutes, if no problem and then you can use 80% or 100% load aging 25-30 minutes. General power plants are the same operation.
Q:Site how to switch the headlamps how to adjust the time
Set the method as follows, A time for the 18:00, a set off 05:00, two open two off three open three off until ten open ten off the time to clear the time (because less than). And then set a good week, set the current time control switch, the time switch to automatically switch.
Q:China's accession to the WTO for so long, how not switch ah? When is the switch?
Your knowledge is not realistic. If you say the switch, refers to the customs, in fact, did not join the World Trade Organization, China's customs and customs system has long been established and constantly improve. People's Republic of China Customs is the country's entry and exit supervision and management organs, the implementation of vertical management system, the organization is divided into three levels: The first level is the General Administration of Customs; The second level is the Guangdong Branch, Tianjin, Shanghai, two Commissioner Office, 41 directly under the customs and two customs schools; The third level is directly under the jurisdiction of the Customs and Excise Department 562 subordinate customs agencies. In addition, there are offices in Brussels, Moscow, Washington and Hong Kong. China Customs officers (including customs anti-smuggling police) more than 48,000 people.
Q:How to prohibit the computer record switch machine time
(Another: file name may also be shedlgll) Another: the contents of the event viewer all deleted (every time before shutdown) (if useful, then do not delete) but this trick is too remote, but also can not find the specific switch machine time , Should not be used in this way

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