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Q:Germany Germany West KG316T time control switch how to set the system time?
To set the system time method: such as to set, while holding down the clock +, the non-stop by non-stop beating time, minutes and week is the same way to operate!
Q:Microcomputer when the control switch set the ring time how to modify the time
Press the timer button, there is 1 open / 1on, and then press the hour, minutes to set your opening time, then press the timer key, there is a off / 1off, by hours, minutes are off time; followed by input; , Press the cancel / reply key 3 5 times to unlock it.
Q:How do I remove the computer on / off time?
Use the computer comes with shutdown function: open the command window (start - run - enter cmd), enter shutdown-a cancel the automatic shutdown function. Use third party software: find the software, open the settings, cancel the automatic switch function.
Q:Shenzhen Customs switch time
3, Huanggang port (truck): 24 hours customs clearance 4, Fukuda port (passenger transit port): 6: 30-24: 00
Q:Is there a light switch? Can be set to time automatically turn off the lights
Yes. Now that this timer has been used more, the security is no problem. Typing is not easy, please "adopt" about chanting.
Q:Open the switch at once every time
School is used in the get out of class bell is the principle of digital control of the timer switch circuit, now widely used.
Q:This time control switch how to set the control time
Time setting of the time control switch: First check the clock display whether the current time is consistent, if you want to recalibrate, hold down the "clock" key at the same time, hold down the "school week", "school", "school" key, the clock transferred to the current accurate time ; Press the "time" button, the bottom left of the display "1 open" words (that the first time to open). And then press the "school week" to select the six-day work system, five-day work system, three days of work, the same daily, different daily work mode, and then "school", "school" key, time;
Q:How does the timer switch set the time?
2, the timing of the opening time and timing of the set 2-1 Press the "Timer" key for 3 seconds to enter the timer setting mode; 2-2 The screen display -: - op (op is the timer on time) At this time, the hour bit flashes, press ◀ or ▶ key to adjust the timer to turn on the hour, and then press the "Timer" key to adjust the turn on time; (At this time automatically set the time to complete); 2-3, after the opening time is set, and then press the "Timer" button, the screen shows -: - du (du for the delay off the length), then the minute bit flashing, (Special Note: the current screen only minutes Bits and seconds) Adjust the number of minutes of the required delay time by ◀ or ▶ key, and then press the "Timer" key to adjust the number of seconds (the first set of time and time settings is completed) The The maximum length of each time can be set to 90 minutes, the shortest can be accurate to 5 seconds, for more than 90 minutes, you can take a number of time periods overlap time (that is, the second paragraph of the timing set in the first time Off time before) to achieve 24 hours a day of any time set; 2-4, short press "OFF" key, the screen shows the next period of time, according to the above 2-2,2-3 process can set the next paragraph of the time (short press ON can return to the upper timing time setting). Press and hold the Timer key to save or stop the panel operation after 30 seconds.
Q:Proximity switch response time is one second or one minute
Close the switch has the operating frequency parameters, low-side proximity switch response frequency of 1 second can detect the output 200 times, high-end proximity switch 1 second can detect the output 5000 times.
Q:How to view and delete the computer switch machine time record?
Click the right mouse button in the pop-up shortcut menu, select "Properties" in the open "System Properties" window, select "Filter" tab, in the "event type" select the "information" option, and "event Select the "eventlog" option in the "Source" list, continue to set the other conditions, click "OK" button, you can see the required event records.

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