Time Switches 100-240VAC

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Q:During the day automatically power off, night fixed time bright, called what switch?
Timing switch, with the same time as the lights a few lights, a few points off.
Q:This time control switch how to set the control time
Press the "time" button, the bottom left of the display appears "1 off" words (that the first off time), then press the "school week", "school", "school" key, enter the required closure Date (note: off date must correspond to open date) and time; Press "timed" button, the lower left of the display will display "2 open, 2 off, 3 open, 3 off, ........, 10 open, 10 off", refer to steps 2,3 After each switch time; If you do not need to set 10 groups of switches every day, you must press the "Cancel / Resume" button to erase the time of the remaining groups to display the "- -: - -" pattern on the display (not 00:00)
Q:On the flyback switching power supply start time
Q = i * t = C * V => T = C * V / i And i = 300 / 560k (div) => T = (12 * 22 * 10 ^ -6) / (300 / (560 * 1000)) = 0.49 seconds
Q:Can the computer always turn on the machine? How long does it take to switch the machine once?
No relationship, when not on the shutdown, so as to extend the life of the hardware. Long boot is not good! Sleep is in the system before the shutdown, the memory of the file backup to the hard disk, and then you boot the next time, you can directly read the last backup in the hard disk image file to memory, so as to achieve rapid response. But the disadvantage is that sleep is sometimes difficult to recover!
Q:A switch 10 that allows the appliance to be energized once every time
With the time switch ah. 613T microcomputer control switch.
Q:In the C disk WINDOWS which file is recorded switch machine time
It is necessary to introduce two ID numbers here: 6006 and 6005. In event Viewer, the event with ID number 6006 indicates that the event log service has stopped. If you did not find the event ID 6006 in the event viewer on that day, it means that the computer is not shut down properly, probably because of a system Or directly press the computer power button, did not perform a normal shutdown operation caused. When you start the system, the event log event log service will start, this is the ID number of 6005 events.
Q:How close to the switch + time relay + solenoid valve
so even after the delay contact disconnect power supply immediately after the reset, and filter capacitor energy storage instantaneous power supply ,
Q:How to use the microcontroller switch to control the length of the circuit section time
Use the timer inside the microcontroller to determine the time; use the microcontroller IO control port, to control the circuit off. Look at your question is the need for a clock chip DS1302 DS12C887 or PCF8563 like the RTC. MCU from the clock chip to read the current time, and you have to control the time contrast, you need to control the time, turn off or open the control circuit
Q:Two contactors, two trip switches, two time relays, to design a circuit to control the motor's positive and negative
With two trip switches, two time relays, two contactors for normally closed control motor reversing
Q:How does the router set the time switch?
This problem is not good to answer, this request requires the support of the router Caixing, that is to say that your routing can have this function can. In the routing interface to find it, if there is this function, it should be set in the network parameters set the wan mouth that part of the inside,

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