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Q:2 trip switches plus 2 time relay control three-phase motor forward and reverse
Understand the working state of the relay contact, the power delay and the power delay, and then set the time relay to 2 seconds, adding to the inside and outside on the line. Very simple!
Q:Streetlight time timer switch video
Specifically can refer to the instructions to set, very simple. Try it out a few more times.
Q:Time timer switch time timer switch
Hello, the street timer timer switch settings are relatively simple, such as setting the load for a time 18:00, a time for the 05:00 set method is as follows, a time is 18:00, a switch set to 05:00, Two open two off three open three off until ten open ten minutes to clear the time (because less than). And then set a good week, set the current time control switch, the time switch to automatically switch. Specifically can refer to the instructions to set, very simple. Try it out a few more times.
Q:Kc316 t microcomputer time control switch how to adjust the timing switch
KG316T microcomputer control switch use instructions: 1, open or lock the keyboard, hold down the "clock key" while holding down the "Cancel / Resume" for a few seconds, lock the display logo "lock". 2, hold down the "clock key" and then press the "week key, when the key, sub-key", adjust the Beijing time.
Q:Shanghai Library Minhang branch opening time and address?
Jiangchuan Library Address: 158 Lingping Road Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 9: 00-18: 00 Saturday, Sunday 9: 00-16: 00   Zhuanqiao Town Library Address: Zhuanxing Road 180 on the 18th Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 8: 30-16: 30 Wujing Town Library Address: Long Wu Road 5533 Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 8: 30-16: 30 Pujiang Town Library Address: No. 3889 Li Yue Road Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 8: 00-11: 00 13: 00-16: 00  The answer by the regional classification of people Xu Shengxiang recommended
Q:I would like to record the switch door time, is there any such a recorder?
In the door to install a proximity switch, so the door will open a switch signal output.
Q:On the flyback switching power supply start time
Q = i * t = C * V => T = C * V / i And i = 300 / 560k (div) => T = (12 * 22 * 10 ^ -6) / (300 / (560 * 1000)) = 0.49 seconds
Q:Can the computer always turn on the machine? How long does it take to switch the machine once?
Computer automatic shutdown mainly for the following reasons: 1. Heat is not good. Due to the impact of the weather temperature or CPU fan speed caused by the system overheating, which will lead to the computer's automatic shutdown, it is recommended to check the system temperature is normal. 2. Memory causes. When the memory and the motherboard slot loose contact may also cause the computer automatically shut down, it is recommended to check whether the memory and the motherboard plug. 3. Power problem. Power supply is also an important cause of the computer automatically shut down an important factor, but from this configuration point of view, the possibility of this problem is very small. 4. Software factors. Due to viruses or Trojans caused by computer shutdown is also everywhere, especially the recent popular shock wave, the virus will lead to the system after the restart and shutdown. If you are using a Windows 2000 or Windows XP system, it is recommended that you use anti-virus software antivirus after a timely shock hit the patch, the general problem can be solved.
Q:How does the computer view the last time on the switch machine? Please talk about the steps.
"C: WINDOWS schedlgu.txt" in "Run" in the "Start" menu. In the open schedlgu.txt file, "Task Scheduler Service" has been started and the "Task Scheduler Service" has been exited In the time, respectively, corresponding to the boot and shutdown time, is not it convenient? Every day for the record is not difficult. D: If you want every time the switch machine can be clearly recorded, it can be "script + batch" approach. But you have to hands-on, we use the "script + batch" approach to achieve. Simply add two batch-time batch commands on the power-on, shutdown script, and let them start or close the recording time with the system into the C: aaa.txt file. First create two new text documents, respectively, used to record the boot and shutdown information, enter the following command, and then save as ". Bat" file on it. Where the boot batch (start.bat) is as follows: @echo off >> c: aaa.txt echo *** boot record *** >> c: aaa.txt echo. >> c: aaa.txt echo% date%% time: ~ 0, -3 %% Username% >> c: aaa.txt echo. >> c: aaa.txt echo ************** >> c: aaa.txt echo. >> c : Aaa.txt echo. And shutdown batch (shutdown.bat) command as long as the start.bat in the "*** boot record ***" to "*** shutdown record ***" can, the rest unchanged. After the above two batch commands are done, enter gpedit.msc in "Run" in the "Start" menu, open Group Policy, and then click "Computer Configuration → Windows Settings → Script (Startup and Shutdown)", double click "Start", in the Properties dialog box, click "Add" button, and in the "Script Name" column fill in the "start.bat" absolute path, click "OK" button. Similarly set the shutdown script. This can be a switch machine to do an experiment, open the C: aaa.txt file, is not recorded you just shut down and boot tim
Q:This time the lights do not shine, that is a switch problem, because sometimes to open a few times will be bright!
Is the connection between the two control? Two switches have three points? If the wiring is impossible, the six points are not available.

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