Time relay DC 48Hx48Wx93.5D

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Q:Time switch and time relay
If it is a few minutes or 10 minutes to run a few minutes or 10 minutes, that is, the time to stop and run almost the same time with the relay.
Q:Summer refrigerator external thermostat switch machine time how to tune
Refrigerator using external temperature control is generally adjusted to start 20 minutes, stop 40 minutes for the best, but also according to the actual situation of refrigeration may be, if the cooling is not ideal, it is recommended to increase the start of the appropriate time to not exceed the time As a reference value
Q:Kg316t microcomputer time switch how to change the previous switch time
3, set the first time of the opening time: press the "timer" button, the LCD screen shown above, a "1 open" words, then press "time" and "points" to set a few points A few minutes to open. 4, set the first time of the closing time: then click the "timer" button, the LCD screen shows the above figure, a "1 off" words, then press "time" and "points" to set a few Point off a bit.
Q:How to check the computer last switch machine time, can delete?
Point start button in the search box search "event viewer" click into the event viewer to select the windows log system will show the system event event ID 12 is boot 13 is off; if you want to delete the log selected in the right side of the operation box Execute the clear log option.
Q:Is it possible to change the switch time by the imported Rotork electric actuator
IQT actuator can change the motor speed, in the secondary setting menu, down to AA, that is, the speed setting can be 25%, 50%, 100% and so on. IQ actuators need to choose different models.
Q:Home line air switch closed after a period of time on the trip What is the reason?
In addition, if you disconnect the air switch meter degrees are still moving to explain the air switch problems are not completely disconnected from the power or empty on the line and the meter between the phenomenon of leakage of electricity or electricity meter problems. If you can not find the fault point you can open the empty line off the empty open a single load without the case of closing to see if it will not trip If you can not jump if you can use the table to measure the voltage at both ends to see whether the normal.
Q:Duty cycle and switch cycle, the switch tube opening time, the relationship between the three
Ton = 1 / f * d So your understanding is right The turn-on time of the switch in one cycle = D * cycle
Q:Samsung mobile phone automatic switch machine set time where?
Set the automatic switch machine method: In the standby page, click the lower left corner of the menu button. Select [Settings].
Q:Gongbei port switch time
Gongbei port clearance time: 7:00 am to 12:00 pm. Zhuhai Entry and Exit Frontier Inspection Station Business Consulting Tel: 8166033,8166034 Contribution email: zhbj@vip.163.com Address: Zhuhai Gongbei Overseas Chinese Road on the 2nd Gongbei Port: 0756-8167000 Zip code: 519020
Q:How to prohibit the computer record switch machine time
(Another: file name may also be shedlgll) Another: the contents of the event viewer all deleted (every time before shutdown) (if useful, then do not delete) but this trick is too remote, but also can not find the specific switch machine time , Should not be used in this way

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