Time Switches 110 230VAC

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Q:Electric water heater sometimes power leakage switch trip, sometimes over a period of time trip, what is the reason?
If you can continue to close the switch after the trip, it means no ground. It may be your leakage switch rated current is a bit small, a light, instantaneous current is relatively large, resulting in tripping. Change the switch on it!
Q:There is no time to set the time, to switch the lights regularly.
There is a simple and cheap volume and small certainly for you, eight years ago, only twenty, is the refrigerator external timer, there are two twist on the adjustment, a time to open a time off, such as open an hour later It will automatically stop for two hours, and then is to open an hour, so the cycle
Q:Zhengtai KG316T when the control switch locked, how to unlock the reset time
Time set from 1 second to 168 hours, can be set daily 1-4 group, and multi-channel control function. One setting is valid for a long time. Applicable to all kinds of industrial electrical appliances, household appliances, automatic control, both safe and convenient and save money. The output current can be 10-25A, both normal control 2200W to more power of electrical work. But also with the relay, contactor, and other control of a variety of other high-power power equipment.
Q:Delay switch and delay relay
Buy KG316 time control switch it, it can be set according to a week or a day or a few days time action.
Q:How close to the switch + time relay + solenoid valve
Only one AH3-3, simply in the circuit diagram analysis is possible. But in actual operation, the time relay internal power rectifier filter capacitor is still stored after the power supply is extended to instantaneous power supply,
Q:How to switch the time switch off their own time
Time control switch Is to hold the clock and hold, and then on time or points can be transferred
Q:Gongbei port switch time
Gongbei port clearance time: 7:00 am to 12:00 pm. Zhuhai Entry and Exit Frontier Inspection Station Business Consulting Tel: 8166033,8166034 Contribution email: zhbj@vip.163.com Address: Zhuhai Gongbei Overseas Chinese Road on the 2nd Gongbei Port: 0756-8167000 Zip code: 519020
Q:The total switching time of the transformer on-load tap-changer is probably how much
The total switching time is obviously the total time to complete the whole process, the same period refers to the three-phase switch breaking and closing the same period.
Q:Mobile phone every time switch, the time has changed, how will not save, you save the time?
On the boot need to manually adjust the time of the solution, you enter the phone settings to see the time set, the time automatically update is open, if not open, put it open Open,
Q:Time control switch, zero line output does not load normal?
The lights will be normal light, indicating the surface line connection is no problem (whether the specific contact point is another matter), the air switch to allow the capacity of the bar? The

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