No battery time swith AC220V TB-38

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Q:Germany Germany West KG316T time control switch how to set the system time?
Hello, KG316T function in the manual above all the way, I was the sale of Delixi electrical dealers. My site your problem is not very clear, I did not understand .. sorry. Can you tell us? You said that after 11 o'clock power, then how to use electricity? You can understand the problem that point?
Q:35KV switch cabinet sub-closing standard time is how much
Small range can be controlled at: closing time 35-70ms opening time 20-60ms.
Q:Shenzhen Customs switch time
3, Huanggang port (truck): 24 hours customs clearance 4, Fukuda port (passenger transit port): 6: 30-24: 00
Q:When to install the switch socket? Is that brand better?
Socket switch is very important, must go to the store to buy To be particularly safe and reliable, the preferred NVC and Philips it, cheap goods do not buy, electricity is not trouble Good switch socket can see a look, from the thickness of the hardness of a touch on the feeling of a great gap Especially in the building materials market that kind of cheap goods, generally do not buy Their own spend more than a few dollars, peace of mind The method of installation First to buy socket switch embedded parts, is embedded in the tin, the wire head hidden in the tin box, to protect And then wait for the completion of woodworking, the switch panel or socket panel and tin inside the wire head connected firmly, the connection is red and yellow blue and white lines, respectively, on behalf of the line of fire, the bottom line and the zero line, connecting the first eight gate Off on the line Finally, the embedded iron box with screws and panels fixed on the line (tin is the first to buy, with a screw on the top ) Is not directly fixed on the wall of Kazakhstan, is the first embedded in the wall a box
Q:What is the duration of the 10KV switchgear arc?
Normal is half a week, there are arcs rekindle
Q:I would like to record the switch door time, is there any such a recorder?
And then the signal connected to the recorder on the line. Close to the switch a few tens of dollars, two or two thousand instruments. Is it necessary to do it?
Q:What time is it open to switch the door and have a weekend break?
Post office is usually 9 o'clock to 5 o'clock open the door, the weekend is not a holiday.
Q:Time control switch to the specified time did not let the lights lit up
Time control switch to the specified time did not let the lights lit up mainly for the following reasons: 1, when the control switch is set, did not hit the automatic working state. 2, time control switch time is set incorrectly.
Q:Site how to switch the headlamps how to adjust the time
If it is time control switch control, Such as setting the load for an open time 18:00, The time is 05:00
Q:How does this switch adjust the time?
: Time-controlled switch set the timing: first check the clock display whether the current time is consistent, if you need to re-calibration, according to install the clock "key at the same time, according to the school day", "school

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