High-voltage Current Limit Fuse for Engine Protection

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

Fuse is a device that causes the melt to fuse with the heat generated when the current exceeds the specified value. Fuse is a current protector, which is based on the current exceeding the specified value for a period of time, so that the heat generated by its own melt, thereby causing the melt to melt. Fuse is widely used in high voltage power distribution systems and control systems and power equipment, as a short circuit and over current protection, is one of the most widely used protection devices.


2. Product Characteristic:

1) Good selectivity. On the lower level Fuse ,Fuse Rated current as long as it meets the current selection ratio of 1.6:1, superior Fuse Rated current is not less than lower the value of 1.6 times, is on the lower level can have selective cutting fault current of GB and IEC standard;

2) The limiting performance is good, and the breaking capacity is high;

3) The relative size is small;

4) The price is cheaper.




Rated voltage KV

Rated current A

Rated breaking current KV










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Q:jbl powered subwoofer overridered dont turn on again what got burst ?
Disconnect the sub from its power source. If there is a way to open it and check for fuses or other protective parts inside, try that. If you can't figure out how to open it or there are no fuses or reset buttons, take it to a repair shop. In the future, connect or disconnect audio cables only when all components are off.
Q:Your stereo has a 2-amp fuse. What happens when a power surge?
If there is a 3 amp surge the fuse would melt, instantly stopping the current before your stereo is damaged.
Q:Vector Collision?
You have to use the principle of conservation of momentum. Resolve the velocity of each musket ball into it's x (i) and y (j) components. Use the velocity components to find the momentum components. They both have positive vertical momentum. The Union ball has positive horizontal momentum, the Confederate has negative (as it is traveling in the -x direction). Sum each component of momentum. Divide the resultant components by the sum of the masses (because the balls have fused). You will be left with the final velocity components. Email me if you still can't get it.
Q:Dell help!?
It sounds like your speaker fuse blew. Check to see if the fuse is still intact, if it is, then you may have fried a component inside the speaker. Time for a new one in that case. If the fuse blew, you can easily get a new fuse. I had the same problem with an older set of speakers. They were really good ones with a subwoofer and all. I heard the buzz for a few days, then, Pfffft! it went out all at once. Fried components inside the speaker and had to replace the whole speaker unit.
Q:Science problem?
A fuse is a one time use component, it self destructs in order to open the circuit. A circuit breaker is a reusable/resettable protection device. Once tripped and the circuit fault repaired a circuit breaker may be reset
Q:Why isnt the radio turning on?
Check fuse #18 (20amp, yellow) in the Power Distribution Center box under the hood. This fuse has a plastic pull-tab on it. It's used to control Ignition-Off Draw IOD. The fuse is pushed in when you take delivery of the vehicle. The owners' manual explains that it's used to keep the battery from draining during extended storage. If it's blown, you will need to determine what caused it to blow. This 20a fuse won't blow unless you've added a load to the circuit or there is a component failure. It doesn't take much to blow the fuse, the addition of a stereo or alarm, or even the power window modification, if you wired it into that circuit. If you haven't added an additional load, and the vehicle self-tests check out OK, dealer service will need to diagnose the problem.Also check the fuses in the fuse box by the driver's left knee inside the car and a 40 amp fuse up in the power distribution box under the hood.
Q:50 amp blade fuse burns out as soon as I turn on the key?
a three or a 5 amp fuse would be positive, as long as your heater works once you slot the plug there is not any would desire to purchase a clean one. If the heater is going defective it particularly is going to easily blow the fuse, yet there is not any reason it is going to.
Q:Heater trouble?
You might need to replace the switch or the resistors.
Q:Appliance guys: I have a Roper electric dryer RES7648EQ2-it just stopped tumbling?
if the belt is fused how will it turn? remove the belt and turn it on, see if the motor turns and make sure the drum spins freely.
Q:Lincoln town car air suspension?
As was said, if the compressor is running, the 30 amp fuse is fine. There are a number of components that can make this light go on, does your compressor run all of the time? If so it could be an air leak, on my '95 town car the ride height adjuster needs to be replaced, it signals to the compressor to keep running even though the car is at a proper level. This blows the 30amp fuse. Until I can get a new rha, I am just keeping the switch in the trunk off, if it looks a little low I turn it on until the rear end is up, this happens mostly when the temps. drop and the air molecules contract. To nail down your problem take it to a dealership, they can run a diagnostic test on it.

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