WYJ series DC Power Supply

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Principle & Characteristics

This series product is manufactured with the international advanced“floating iteration technology. It is constructed by transforming step-down rectifying filtration、high power module adjustment、standard sampling amplifying and so on. The output voltage and current of this series product are optional for fixed or adjustable、one-way or multiple-way. It has excellent stability and wave coefficient、less noises、small size、novel style、stable property, and can be parallel or serial connected with the same specification product.

Scope of Application

It can be widely in industrial production、laboratory in colleges、research institute、post and telecommunications、automatic device and facilities.

Main Technical Parameter

Input voltage: AC220V ±10%, 50Hz /60Hz
Output voltage: DC12V、24 fixed; DC0-15V、0-30V、0-60V、 0-150V adjustable
Output current: DC 1A、 2A、 3A、 5A、 10A、 15A、 20A、 25A、 30A
Voltage adjusting rate: 0.5%
Current adjusting rate: 1%
Wave restrain ratio: 65dB
Service environment: -5℃~+40℃,relative humidity<90%,no corrosive gas

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your husband might be wanting to kill you now haha
Q:The fuse to my amp blowes every time I replace it and my subs wont work.?
turn the gain on the amp all the way down before you turn it on. then start the car and see if fuse still blows. if not, slowly turn the gain back up to a reasonable level.
Q:Does anyone know where the fuse panel is on a Ford Cougar 1998-2002?
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Look in the manual to determine which fuse is for those items. It is most likely the problem.
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Q:Heater trouble?
You might need to replace the switch or the resistors.
Q:What's the most common component effected by electrical surges?
Typically the power supply. Sometimes as simple as a blown fuse, other times it can wreck the transformer, bridge, regulation circuits and of course resistors etc. Check fuses first.
Q:What can i run off 12 volts?
you should be able to run anything that does not exceed the amperage rating of the fuse for the power point this is usually about 10-15 amps, depending on the vehicle and what other components this fuse controls. If we consider that wattsvoltage x current that means that you should be fine with anything that is rated at under 120-180 watts or a combination of things (using a splitter) totaling less than that. Find the fuse that controls your power power point, and look at its amperage rating. I would assume that this fuse also controls other components as well (dome lights, etc.). Multiply its amperage by twleve and that is the MAXIMUM number of watts that can be used on that circuit. Since this represents the maximum number of amps possible on the circuit (and probably would result in a blown fuse) dont pick an appliance that matches the wattage number you calculate or you will overload the circuit and blow a fuse. Other than that you can use just about anything that meets these requirements.
Q:what are the components required for fusion to occur?

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