DDS607series single-phase electronic ammeter

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DDS607 series use digit energy measurement technics and SMT technics. key parts use famous company's components to ensure the reliability and use life. The product has antifraud function to measure AC energy with reference frequency 50Hz or 60Hz.

Type and meaning
Normal operation and installation conditions

1、Specified working temperature range: -25℃~55℃;
2、Limit operation temperature range:-40℃~70℃;
3、Relative humidity less than 85%(under 23℃);
4、No corrosive medium in the air。

product specifications
Main technical parameters

1、Class index:1、2 ;
2、Operation voltage range:0.9Un-1.1Un;
3、Reference frequency:50Hz、60Hz;
4、Power consumption:<1W / 5VA;
5、Conform to GB/T 17215 -2002 (IEC 61036:2000) standard;
6、Good temperature characterstics, keep good accuracy from -25℃ to 55℃;
7、Good accuracy under lower load;
8、High online measure accuracy;
9、 Easy mounting(nothing to do with mounting place);
10、High overload capabality(more than 6 times);
11、No variation after transportation;

Outline and installation dimensions

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Q:loose ground wire on my amps capacitor help?
Even with power disconnected, the capacitor is still charged and a short may damage it and/or other components. Here's the safe and proper procedure: 1) Disconnect the negative battery terminal (to protect the vehicle electrical system). 2) Remove the main amp fuse. 3) Connect a 1Kohm, 2 watt resistor across the capacitor terminals to discharge it. 4) Verify with a 12V test light or multimeter that the capacitor is discharged. 5) Repair the connection. 6) Insert the resistor in the circuit in place of the main fuse and reconnect battery negative (to recharge the capacitor). 7) When the capacitor is fully charged, remove the resistor and replace it with the main fuse.
Q:?????????What are the consequences of electric short???????????Can the short damage the parts??
Yes an electrical short can cause damage to other parts. A short produces a power surge on the line and can burn out other parts in the same circuit. Unfortunately you may have to unwrap your wire bundles to find it. Or it could be as simple as having a fuse that is shorting.
Q:what could cause the fuses in my car to short out?
Sounds like a loom problem (wiring) , you could start by tracing the wiring back from the tail lights and look for any broken wiring and any wiring that should b bolted to the chassis. Hope this helps
Q:Does causing a short circuit in your car damage the wiring?
Look up how to use a VOM read it. Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. They got you at DC Electricity in use for the last 200 years. LOL!
Q:Did I blow a fuse or is it something else?
Unfortunatly, all of those things are normally on the same fuse. You blew it, litterally. P.S.I'm a mechanic
Q:power supply question easy 10 pts?
Nope. That would be unsafe. Fuses are sized for safety. Oversizing a fuse will cause the supply to overtheat and possibly catch fire, of not weaken the components and produce less current than they do now. What you want is a power supply with more peak power.
Q:Blown fuses (subs?) amp in protect mode now? Helppp?
you probably blew your subs, or fried the amp
Q:Car audio question need advice?
For more bass get a more powerful amp and use a smaller gauge wire like 4 or 0 gauge and a mono block amp is good for bass. But if you turn them facing inside the car and let the rear seat down you will achieve your goal.
Q:can u hurt a e.c.m. on a car using a test light checking fusses or 4 probing wires?
Checking fuses is fine - probing the electronic module wires with a test light can easily short out an internal component.
Q:50 amp blade fuse burns out as soon as I turn on the key?
a three or a 5 amp fuse would be positive, as long as your heater works once you slot the plug there is not any would desire to purchase a clean one. If the heater is going defective it particularly is going to easily blow the fuse, yet there is not any reason it is going to.

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