CDB3 Series Circuit Breakers

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Q:Whats wrong with my car ?
If it got really wet then most likely you ruined many electrical parts and swapping fuse box would have done you no goodIts the electrical components that will go bad from being wet.Many might not go bad right away but in the future expect to have extensive electrical issues. Such is the issues with flooded vehicles you can recover them after a flood, but expect to have many electrical issues Note: if it just recently happened then give it time to dry in the electrical.
Q:What size fuse for these amps?
always place an in line fuse the the amp wiring ; as close to the battery as possible . consider this if the amp wire gets pinched or drilled though then a short to ground exists . you want the in line fuse at the battery to blow so the wire does not heat up and possibly burn your car down. Add the total current requirements and use that size fuse and appropriate holder; in your case 100 A . Ps it is extremely important to have an in line fuse at or very near the battery.
Q:TV repair question?
Because theres something else down the line that made the fuse blow, something shorted. Dont worry most people who replace the fuse happens to them to. Recycle it. or Get it repaired.
Q:A component in a product can be considered an independent component if it has no dependency on any other.?
You are attempting to characterize interdependence. Logically, something is independent if it has no dependency on any other component in the product functioning AND SEPARATELY no other component in the product can cause it to function or not. You describe the first component, but not the second. Example - An IPOD plugged into the cigarette lighter of the car (and pretend that it has no internal batteries). There is nothing that can be entered into the ipod that will change how the car works (car is the potentially independent component), however, if the car fuse blows, the IPOD turns off. This certainly violates the hypothesis that the car is independent.
Q:Fuses and circuit breakers are used to what?
there is a thin piece of metal inside, too much current makes the metal get hot and breaksaving the system
Q:Will this wiring set up work on my boat. No previous wiring present?
What is the total current draw if all the items are on at the same time? Example, trolling motor 6 amps, lights 10 amps, cd player 5 amps. that ads up to 21 amps peak, might be better with a 30 amp main fuse and each branch circuit has its own fuse of 10 to 15 amps capacity? Put a fuse in each branch item so one item does not take out everything. The way you have listed this, if one item goes bad and blows the fuse you lose everything. With individual fuses you only lose that item plus you know what broke down. Just a suggestion.
Q:whats wrong with my playstation?
You'd need to look at a schematic and say exactly where these prongs were, where they are on the power board. It could be a lot of different things. Adding that LED light to those prongs may have cause a power spike or fluctuation on part of the board and blown a fuse or damaged a component. It may have connected circuits that were never meant to be connected, delivering too much power to something. Sure the light worked, but electricity will flow through any closed circuit, that doesn't mean it's meant to be closed. Those power boards are designed to take 120V and chop it up into different-sized tiny little bits to be passed of to the primary board and its sensitive circuits. They are complicated, and you shouldn't mess with them unless you have a schematic and know what you're doing. Even dropping a paper clip or screw on it can accidentally cause an overflow and destroy some circuits. It's why solder is made with lead, it prevents flakes of tin from shedding off and ruining the circuits. Since it is ringing, it sounds like you have mostly wiped out your power board's relays. Not much you can do about that except replace them. And I wouldn't do that for a good long while if I were you, until the capacitor cools back down again. A TV technician would be able to open it up, find the high-voltage circuits and discharge them. I'm guessing you're not a TV technician.
Q:microwave problem?
Did you know (true story) when microwaves first came out the companies selling them employed a scientist to do a report on them to see if they were safe. He tested them thoroughly, and announced that yes, they were safe. Then went home and threw out his microwave. This is a true story.
Q:1994 GMC Jimmy electrical problem?
There are 4 fuses that run the cluster I need to know witch fuse is blowing to be helpful
Q:how many watts will 2 40 amp fuses hold?
i would guess it only hold up for 1200 watts. ive got a sony xplod 1200w with 2 40 amp fuses and when i had the sub wires bridged it overloaded the amp and one of the fuses kept popping out, it never blew but jus popped out enough for the subs to stop working

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