DDS607 Series Single-phase Electronic Ammeter

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Product Description:

1. Product Description:

DDS607 series use digit energy measurement techniques and SMT techniques. key parts use famous company's components to ensure the reliability and use life. The product has antifraud function to measure AC energy with reference frequency 50Hz or 60Hz.Before order you should fill out the type’s pacification and quantities. If you have special requirement please negotiate with manufacturer.


2. Product Characteristic:

1Good temperature characterstics, keep good accuracy from -25 to 55;

2Good accuracy under lower load;

3High online measure accuracy;

4 Easy mounting(nothing to do with mounting place);

5High overload capabality(more than 6 times);

6No variation after transportation;



1Class index12 ;

2Operation voltage range0.9Un-1.1Un;

3Reference frequency50Hz60Hz;

4Power consumption:<1W / 5VA;

5Conform to GB/T 17215 -2002 (IEC 61036:2000) standard;

6Specified working temperature range: -25℃~55;

7Limit operation temperature range-40℃~70;

8Relative humidity less than 85%(under 23);

9No corrosive medium in the air


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