TBBX serial LV reactive in-place compensation device

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It is used in the AC power distribution system terminal with the 1kV voltage or less to inerease power factor,to reduce circuit loss,to improve the output of the transformer and to make the motor economically operate.It is used paralleled with the motor and the inductive load to automatically tracking compensate to the frequency factor.
Operating standard:GB7115-93.

Main features

a、The compensation accessory is elastic,direct and highly effective.
b、Invest is few and the return is big.It is very economical because the invest can pay back by the saving power fee after using it half a year.
c、Novel in structure,light in weight.
d、Using it is very easy and safe and reliable.

Usage requirements

a、Surrounding atmosphere temperature:-25~+40℃;
b、Relative humidity:when 40℃≤50%,20℃≤90%;
c、Altitude:It is no more than 2000m;
d、Environment:Noharmful gases of vapor,no conductive and explosive dust,no strong mechanical shake;

Main technical parameter

a、Rated voltage:0.4~0.69kV,AC;
b、Rated frequency:50Hz;
c、Rated capacity:1~120kvar;
d、Capacity deviation:0~+15%;
e、Maximum Permitted over-voltage:it is 1.1ated voltage;
f、Maximum Permitted over-current:it is 1.30 as the rated current;
g、Discharge:The rest voltage reduces to below 50V in 3min after switch soen.
h、Protection degree:IP20;

Table of main specification,overall and installation dimension

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